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Ops in Disarray Over London Bombs Probe

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Altered Original of Luton CCTV in Circulation
One fake was bad enough -now there are two!

Cointelpro elements in the alternative media have rushed to try blunt the impact of recent analysis of a faked CCTV image appearing to show the alleged 7/7 London bombers.

Our report, published last Saturday [23rd July], demonstrated 13 clear signs of fakery in the CCTV photo of the four alleged bombers at Luton station, released by the London Metropolitan Police. That evidence is already hitting forums and alternative sites across the internet and the world. So also is our accompanying article explaining how the London bombings were actually carried out.

With the cover-story crumbling, the behind-the-scenes boys had to do some quick damage limitation. And so, has just published a photo essay warning people away from questioning the CCTV images released by UK police.

Michael Rivero's series of photos tries to show that one of the 13 anomalies --where a railing appears superimposed in front of one of the men-- is not really an anomaly at all. The man's arm is bent at the elbow, says Rivero -and so the railing is behind him. [see pic] Which might be a good point. But there is one problem. And it's a big one.

Rivero is not using the original Luton CCTV image. He's using an altered version.

In the Rivero version, the railing has been digitally altered so that it bends downwards near the man's body. You could prove anything with an altered original! We used a good quality Yahoo Photo image as our own original. It shows a straight railing.

We also have copies of the motherlode photo -the one issued by the UK authotiries in the first place. You can view it on the London Metropolitan Police website. And the Met original is the full size CCTV image -with some background detail not in the Yahoo and other media cropped copies. It too has a straight railing.

So has every version I have seen -except on Whatreallyhappened, and.... Alex Jones -who is also using a similar altered image in an article on his website.

It hard to figure how someone would use an altered original to deflect people away from the Luton CCTV image anomalies.

There could be a few motivations for this move. First, to fool anyone who doesn't know Rivero is not using the original. Second, to throw up a smokescreen of confusion. Third, to focus attention on the railing anomaly and downplay the other 12 problems with that Luton CCTV image. And most important --to narrow the focus of internet investigation of the London bombings --down to a small section of one image.

It's not as clumsy a move as it seems. Without delving fully into it all right now, the interesting thing is that Whatreallyhappened is making the move. This is game on. Now it's up to good researchers/writers to keep their skeptical eye well opened and ensure they are not deflected.

Our approach now should be to keep a broad focus to our research. (We should use the best quality image for photo analysis. That's clearly the Met Police version, which has remained unchanged -I've been saving it daily and checking it's the same.)

Internet sleuths are clearly making progress on the London bombings investigation. The Real investigation. The only real one. But, though the photo is key, but it's just one aspect. And it's not going to run away anywhere. We have the photos.

People need to continue fact checking, incidental and background research, and continue to develop analysis of what was the real scenario, in full that day in London.

Plus, we should save, save, save to local disc. News articles with useful detail will be going offline into paid archives and off forum pages. We need that detail for later research. On both the first and second London 'attacks'.

It's heartening. The London Bombing Black Op is still leaking at the seams.

Report: Evidence Luton CCTV Image is Fake
Article: How Black Ops Staged the London Bombings


Blogger irishdrifter said...

Very well spotted!!

Please examine this :


7:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job Fintan! Michael Rivero's "original" is definitely post doctored, doctored, if that makes sense. It almost looks like they tried to contour the fence railing to mold around the guy's back or give the illusion of a downward staircase with a downward railing behind the foreground railing, weird, and a little too obvious, any theories?

7:38 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I think we don't really go forward to something useful with this kind of discussion: we're talking about a JPG file from a CCTV camera, a very low quality image that has been modified with Photoshop before it was released. If you open the photo from Met-Police site (the original?) with a text-editor you see in the first line, among the garbage of "binary chars", the strings "Ducky" and "Adobe" that show up in all Photoshop-generated jpeg images.

Was it only to change the format of the image file to a format like jpeg used in web sites? Or was the image deeply altered in any other way?

Every time you open and save an image file with a program you "alter" the image in some way because softwares are different: jpeg is a compressed format and every software of compression of an image acts different.

The one thing I find suspect in this image and in all its formats and versions on the web, is the fact that you can't see clearly the face of 3 suspected kamikazes: apart the first (Hussain) none of the faces of the other 3 is clearly visible and, more, if you enlarge the image, it seems to me that their faces have been in part erased, specially for the third and fourth of them (Khan and Anweer?).

But, altered or not, do you recognize without doubt 3 of 4 terrorists in this image? If you watch the photos of those 3 bad guys published on newspapers and then watch at this image, can you say who is Anweer, who is Khan and who is Germain?

If police has better images of the terrorists from CCTV why has not released them?

The images released from police show clearly only Hussain: Hussain died on bus where there were not cameras (they were broken). A coincidence?

9:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it possible that someone takes pictures of the carriages, so that we can see if the blasts pushed the metal upwards?
It woul be really great!

9:52 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Great Post, Fintan

1:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not rocket science and I'm sure some people can find there way to the infamous Lutton CCTV location with a camera and take a photo of the real scene. Hell even Fintan might want to do this to back up his assertions.

Why not compare the low res (possibly doctored) CCTV photo to a hi res version of the same location from the same perspective as the CCTV camera.

Maybe 3 or all 4 of the patsies were cut and pasted into the scene but lets see what the scene would look like with no-one there.

3:34 am  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

Anon mentions the caused when images are opened/saved repeatedly. It's a good point about all internet pics. But, we have a very clear original on the Met site. Good enough.

And yes, the faces have been erased. Which is a clincher to the uncomitted viewer.

In some ways this Op creates potentially more powerfull opportunities for the 9/11/ Bali/ Madrid/ London skeptics. The same psywar Oomph has not been put into the London Opas went into 9/11.

So it is far less heretical for someone to critically review the evidence for an Inside Job. This creates synergy with the 9/11 issue too. Good.

We need all the breaks we can get.

3:49 am  
Blogger irishdrifter said...


Once upon a time, when I watched TV, there was a show on every week - a Police show - which showed images from CCTV cameras of Criminals being caught in the act of robbery, rape, attempted abduction etc, etc.

It attracted 17 million viewers weekly.

Hundreds, nay thousands, were arrested and convicted on the basis of - yes thats right- those CCTV images.

So are you saying, all the criminals whose faces on were shown on "prime time" and were subsequently convicted, are in fact innocent, because we cannot take Low Res CCTV images as gospel?

The Brith'ish Police ergo the Brith'ish Transport Police DO NOT USE LOW RES CCTV CAMERAS at Train and Bus Stations.

Why? Because they would NOT be able to identify anyone.


Stop making excuses for what is most definitely a fake!

8:26 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the picture was meant to look doctored. The fakery is too obvious, and how on earth do you superimpose a person on a picture and accidentally let some of the background seep through? The picture, as pointed out, show nothing pertinent, one way or another. Three anonymous guys.

The picture is meant to divert people, use up dissidents energy and attention, so to speak. A red herring, smokescreen.

11:51 am  
Blogger irishdrifter said...

I disagree, it shows the true colours of the Nazi british shadow governemnent and Nazi british "so called" police.

Lying murdering bastards.

Their credibility as a "civilised nation" has just taken [--- hang on a minute the brits a civilised nation ---ahahaha] a nose dive.

They have lost all moral authority in the eyes of the world. Not, that they ever had any. They relied on a fake monarchy to portray their brith'ish values abroad and an army of murderers to do their housekeeping.

It's all gone slightly pear shaped hasn't it?

1:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do the police and media go out with a lot of other 'evidence' which must obviously be pure fabrication? It seems fx. now we are thought to believe that the 'suicide bombers' of 7.7 kindly left a note with the bombs in their (?) Luton-parked car carefully indicating their intented next goals? AND made sure their return tickets weren't destroyed by the 'suicide' explosions? Interestingly they should also be believed to take action which would help their worst enemies' campaign of race hatred? This whole thing stinks.

"The discovery, at the car park of Luton railway station five days after the blasts, is a chilling insight into what is likely to have been the next stage in the terrorist campaign - atrocities against packed crowds at targets such as nightclubs and football matches."

"Football hooligans communicating over the internet have spoken of the need to put aside partisan support for teams and unite against Muslims. Hooligans from West Ham, Millwall, Crystal Palace and Arsenal are among those seeking to establish common cause.",16132,1529026,00.html

"Hate crimes 'rise after UK bombs'

Mosques are targets, the Islamic Human Rights Commission says
The number of attacks on Asians has risen significantly since the London bombings, police and Muslim groups say."

1:32 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


another good article and

dontcha just wish we had the nod on the

9-11 pod people so quickly

saved me 6 months arguing at least!

he he

has anyone seen the
'photos we aren't supposed to see'

from ABC yet?

what an op that is...

the following can be found here:

here is a news report released on July 27, 2005
by the times citing a report made on ABC News


London bombers had nail bombs for 'second strike'


Last night ABC News in America screened unauthorised images of the damage left
by the London bombs on July 7, and of unexploded devices found in a car
parked at Luton railway station.

This is a transcript of the interview between ABC presenters Elizabeth Vargas
and Pierre Thomas, and Robert Ayers, a security analyst who was shown the

VARGAS: We have exclusive, new details tonight about the terrorist attacks
that killed 56 people in London two and a half weeks ago. There were four
suicide bombings, three in the subway and one on a bus. ABC News has learned
that the bombers left behind a large stash of unexploded bombs in a car, 16
in all. ABC News has also obtained the first photographs of the wreckage
those bombs caused deep in the subway tunnels. In London, here is ABC's
Pierre Thomas.

THOMAS: These exclusive photographs show the devastation inside the London
subway lines after the July 7 attacks. This is the train at Edgware Road
where seven people were killed. Eight people died on this train between the
Liverpool and Aldgate stations. And this shows the train between King's Cross
and Russell Square, where 27 were killed.

AYERS: There is considerable damage there. You can see it has blown out the
sides, it has blown out the roof.

THOMAS: Bob Ayers is a security consultant with expertise in explosives, based
here in London.

AYERS: That was a good-sized bomb that that man took down there and set off.

THOMAS: And there is more troubling news. ABC News has learned the July 7 plot
may have been much larger than previously known. Sources familiar with the
investigation tell us an additional 16 bombs were found in a car, believed
rented by suicide bombers Shehzad Tanweer. That car was found five days after
the attacks in Luton, when the bombers boarded a train to London.

AYERS: I believe that the explosives that were left in that car were left
there for a second strike. But the Metropolitan Police responded so quickly,
they were able to get to the car and take control of the car before the
second team could get the explosives and leave.

THOMAS: These pictures obtained by ABC News show the bombs for the first time.
The bombs were made of homemade high-explosives. Some were packaged like
pancakes. Some had nails for use as shrapnel. An x- ray picture of one of the
bombs in the trunk of the car show a deadly concoction.

AYERS: You see what is bulging on the sides of the bottle are nails. Many,
many nails. And the nails are put there so that when the bomb goes off, the
nails will tear tissue and kill people in the area. Bombs don't kill by
concussion. Small bombs, they kill by the blast effects of fragments of glass
or metal, and this is designed to kill people.

THOMAS: So now, Elizabeth, you understand why police here in London are so
deeply concerned. They are in a race against time, against people who want to

VARGAS: All right.


Who is Bob Ayers???????
quote from above

"Bob Ayers is a security consultant with expertise in explosives, based here
in London. "

an expert in explosives? try... INFORMATION WARFARE

 Bob Ayers is director of ParaProtect, an IT security company, and the former
chief information-warfare officer at the US defence department. - source 1

excerpt from a talk given by Bob Ayers:
Robert Lee Ayers is a Director for Critical National Infrastructure Defence
for Northrop Grumman Mission Systems Europe
A former US DoD official, Bob now is a UK citizen

This presentation will examine the characteristics of an effective program for
defending the nations Critical computing and communications systems. The
audience will gain the knowledge required to understand how to construct a
national CNI Defence programme. Target audience: Senior government officials.

Interestingly he differentiated between a "conventional war" and a "logical
war". In his words, there is a "clear indication of victor" in a conventional
war. As well, a conventional war is, as Clausewitz would agree, between
nation states, whereas a logical war is not.

He uses this terminology, which some people may not be familiar with:
Strategic warning: You are going to be attacked Tactical warning: You have
been attacked

An interesting point he made is that with a "logical war" you have difficulty
knowing how bad the problem is.

All good indicators are observable and measurable possess a state of normality
are logically predictive of the anticipated event takes place sufficiently
far in advance of the event to allow you to take an action

"One indicator of a nuclear attack is a bright light in the sky. However, it
is not a GOOD indicator because you don't have time to respond"

He claims that logical attacks have no strategic warning and that tactical
warning requires rapid data collection and effective reporting mechanisms,
which are almost always missing.

Offensive IW techniques occur prior to declaration of war.

I would say that IW is also extremely hard to model - which means hard to
train for! (The military motto of "train like we fight" is nearly impossible
to achieve, in my opinion.)


Calling something 'national critical infrastructure' is another way of giving
the military control of something civilian

a comment made by someone attewnding that presentation

so we have an article by the Times transcripting an ABC
News show, which in effect PURE PSYOPS







love cw

3:01 pm  
Blogger Anons Rule said...

Its curious that a bunch of suicide bombers would leave a stash of 16 additional bombs for a second round???? Dead people don't go back to the car to get another round of weapons. Fucked up! Who is dumber, the bombers or the media for running this story?

3:42 pm  
Blogger irishdrifter said...

the gobshites who are buying it!!

4:15 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"According to statistics, the average citizen is caught on CCTV cameras 300 times a day."

... where are the other 299 photos of the four?

4:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give the propaganda team a break will ya!

It took them days to put together the first shoddy composite image and now you're asking 299 more of them?

5:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

capt wardrobe said "dontcha just wish we had the nod on the 9-11 pod people so quickly saved me 6 months arguing at least!"

Good point!

Even in Dylan Avery's new documentary, Loose Change, after making a fuss over the so called pod, later shows a front on view of flight UA175 where it is quite obvious there is no pod. Great documentary except for the exibition of foot shooting.

However pod or no pod the unexplainable flashes do appear in amature footage.

As in episode 4 of the lastest Doctor Who series, Aliens of London, a parody on 9-11, the doctor questions "Why are Aliens faking Aliens? What do they get? They get us!

That is the purpose of all misdirection. Us!

5:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the last comments before mine raises the better question about this argoment: there are few images of bombers of 7/7 during their movements in the metro and released to public, and you can see clearly only one of them: Hussain. And Hussain dead on a bus where cameras were malfunctioning or broken: there is a witness of a nervous boy with his hands in a rucksack before explosion (in mainstream media this witness is a sort of truth that the boy was Hussain) but the person on bus that saw that boy does not say that he was Hussain, this statement does not appear on papers or TV. Has he/she not recognized that boy as Hussain? It's very probable (if not so we read the contrary on newspapers many times!).

The only clear image of a suspect bomber we have is that of Hussain, but we have no real proofs that he was on the tragic bus (not proofs in the public domain).

This is a key point I think because, at the end, there are no clear proofs for anything about 7/7 of what police said us, there is only a spectacular probe after a spectacular crime (with the little re-blasts of 7/21 like a poor "bis" in a rock concert -- and note the numerology here too... :-)

6:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

those ABC pictures

one [no.3] apparently showing evidence of bomb from below

so was the psyops a cover?

a way of dismantling the myth...

or are these a set up?

8:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Numerology? See that (not too seriously):

911 + 311 + 707 = 1929 (dates in US style --> Wall Street crash)
119 + 113 + 077 = 309 (dates in european style)

1929 - 309 = 1620 (--> Mayflower voyage)

Are they telling us we need a crash to begin a new "era" of mankind? :-O

Other (don't know how much serious) questions:

In dates of the three major attacks in western countries from 9/11 (or 11/9) we have only odd numbers, four basic odd numbers except 5. Sure except 5? Remember flight numbers of 911?

11 77 93 175

Here we find a five and we find always only odd numbers! Flight numbers contain all basic odd numbers and only odd numbers! So now we have all basic odd numbers appearing in these attacks.

How many probabilities that picking up 7 random numbers from 11 to 999 you pick 7 odd numbers? (I say from 11 because there is not a date with a single number!) It's 1/2^7, that's 1/128: less than 1% (exactly 0.78125%)! And how many possibilitest that these seven numbers are composed of only odd numbers? Excluding from 1 to 9 then from 11 to 999 there are only 150 numbers composed of only odd numbers (count them!) The probability to pick up one of these numbers is then:

150 / (999 - 11) = 150 / 988 (rounded it's 0.152 or 15.2%)

The probability to pick 7 of these numbers is therefore (150/988)^7 that is
0.0000018746 : less than 2 in a million, less than one in 500 thousands! (The probability is lower if you want that a number has not to repeat itself).

And how many possibilities we pick up randomly three dates composed of only odd numbers?
In one year we have only 94 dates of that type so the probability is:
(94/365)^3 that is 0.017 (1.7%! It's lower if a date must not repeat itself).

Another coincidence is that the number of flights of 911 is always part of the date of a future major coming attack:

11 --> 311 Madrid
77 --> 77 London

Another little brainstorming? Ok.
Let's see how many times every basic odd number appears after every attack

1 3 5 7 9
5 1 1 3 2 after New York (dates and flight numbers computated)
7 2 1 3 2 after Madrid
7 2 1 5 2 after London 77

Something unusual in these series? Apparently not but after Madrid attack we have two numbers (two is even) that appear an even number of times (2 times) and they are 3 and 9, and we have three (odd) numbers that appear an odd number of times and they are 1, 5 and 7. Yes! We have a subset based on 3,9 and another based on 1,5,7: remember flights number 93 and 175?

Another oddity: the subset of 1,5,7 appears 7,1,5 times!

Looking at this matrix it seems that when a number appears an even number of times (two) it can't appear more: 9 after 911, 9 and 3 after Madrid and London. If this it's true we remain only with three numbers to complete a 5x5 matrix for other two presumed major attacks in EU/US! (I hope not!). They are 1,5,7. How many combination of these three numbers have sense as a date, respecting the rule that when a number appears an even number of times it can't appear more in the dates? I'm too much tired now to test them (and I hope this is only a coincindental joke...).

Brothers, this is the logic of trivial mathematics (or its pornography if you think these are not coincidences)!

Is it too stupid to think that this infernal matrix forecast other two major attacks and perhaps points out to us something about future dates (or other)?

11:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12:44 am  

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