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Mainstream Ridicules Visor Terror Drill Hype

Now you will see why two weeks ago I challenged the wild article by Alex Jones that a terror drill by UK security consultants, Visor had acted as a plausible deniability cover for those who carried out the 7/7 London bomb attacks.

I had known it was a setup from the start. These stories are deliberate false decoys designed to allow mainstream media to later ridicule 'conspiracy theories' which turn out to be untrue.

And now, predictably the U.K. TV Channel 4 is using the errors in Alex Jones' article to sneer at bloggers and alternative media. News reporter JJ King writes:
Prison Planet, in an article entitled 'London Underground Bombing "Exercises" argued that the simulated attacks were, whether Power knew it or not, intended to act as a cover for the real ones. News agency Al Jazeera agreed, baldly asserting that 'The London Underground exercises were used as the fallback cover to carry out the attack.'
King then quotes my article debunking Jones (which I knew the mainstream probably would do, but I had to try prevent alternative media walking wholesale into the setup.)
In fact, the 'exercises' he spoke of on Five Live were carried out purely 'on paper', or at least PowerPoint, by a small group of seven or eight executives..." As Fintan Dunne, editor of points out, 'these types of private-sector "risk management" drills never use field staff.
King goes on to damm bloggers as incompetent:
In the light of a brief interview with Power, the 'unbelievable' coincidence of events suddenly seems entirely comprehensible: the train stations targeted, after all, were all in central London -- any planner would pick these amongst a list of possible targets.

'When you hear hooves, think horses, not zebras,' goes the often-quoted popularisation of Occam's Razor. In the absence of journalistic nous, bloggers would do well to stick by it.
It's sickening to have the mainstream able to sneer like this. I know they do this all the time. But when they spend three pages like this on a carefully selected "conspiracy theory" --you know that we just goofed by giving them ammunition to portray themselves as guardians of reason. That's how the Jones over-the-top hype damages us.

Visor's eight-person, office-bound terror drill wasn't cover for the black op. The story of the coincident drill was itself the decoy cover.

What is galling is that Peter Power of Visor has actually got very interesting links to Rudi Giuliani and the 'security industry' --both police and private sector. These links help show the nexus of malign vested interest behind the so-called 'War on Terror'.

What is even more galling is that the London bombs black op is full of holes, but that information sort of gets lost as sensational claims fall flat.

Only question is: did Jones hype this story in error or by design?


Blogger Unknown said...


I'm sure I don't have my head around this like you do, but I'll throw out these questions for discussion:

1) What was so entirely incorrect about Jones-based writeup. I may be dense in this case, but I see what's being said here somewhat of a distinction without a difference. As first, I thought your main criticism was Alex quoting the figure of 1000+ people as part of the drill, but that number came straight from Peter Power's mouth. For anyone aware of the alledged details of 9/11, where war game drills clearly facilitated the ruse, I am not aware of the real damage in Jones pointing out that something of the same nature may have been used in 7/7.

2. Do you think JJ King and Channel 4 will give any boost to your "what really happened" theory on 7/7, as a result of you being anti-Jones, which they possibly found compelling?

3. I don't question the idea that you might have insights about most anything that would lead you to write that the Jones Team analysis might not be just on-the-money, but my gut reading of the developments leads me that you are just making sure you can be seen as in the same arena for attention as the jones crew.

4. For those of us that really want to see the criminals exposed in the main stream, should we care about whether Dunne / Jones / Skolnick / Henegan / Ruppert / Hopsicker / D. McGowan / Tarpley(apologies to all those I'm not mentioning) all concur on any write up of what's happening in our world?

All in all, Fintan you know I think the world of your efforts, and wish I could financially support more.

It's not that I expect to sort the world in to people with white hats v. black hats.

I'd like to say that when Alex had David Ray Griffin on (his radio show) most recently, Alex allowed David's pumping of the "Truth Convergence" in DC this weekend more than he seems to let most guests talk about agendas that don't serve Alex's focus.

Thanks for letting me comment.

3:45 am  
Blogger irishdrifter said...

What are the chances that a person would be present at the WTC on 911 and the same person being present at the London 7/7 Bombings?

Lesson here folks. Do not invite Rudi Giuliani to your country. He's fecking worse
that that broad out of "Murder She Wrote". Everywhere she goes people die all around her. Woulnd't you start to get suspicious?

The Visor Debunk does not exclude the possibility that there was "another exercise" was going on in pararell to the Visor drill. That's what I thought initially. Visor jumped up too quickly and said "look at us". Same day - didnt pass the sniff test.

4:32 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alex is not perfect, he is dedicated to the truth and usually right about what he reports. If you think there were mistakes in his report they most certainly were not by design. I'll bet you have made mistakes in your conspiracy reports as well, but I don't hear Alex pitching fits about them and trying to smear your name. WAKE UP FINTAN!

5:38 am  
Blogger Stef said...

Bloggers are their own worst enemies in this respect. They just can't resist the urge to make up their own alternative theories of 'how it was done'. One different theory for each different blog. No-one NEEDS to make up alternate explanations att his stage, particularly when each day is bringing new 'evidence' than can discredit them.

We should all stick to scrutinising and shooting holes in the 'official' explanations and bullshit. If bloggers can't do that and prefer to drift into the realms of speculation and fantasy instead, they'll end up working for the wrong side, whether they intend to or not

10:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fintan : Mum, look at me, no hands!

12:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is unfortunate. Alex Jones has a style that is open to criticism because of his style and his tendency to be sensationalistic. It's unfortunate that the both of you have now suffered because of this unfortunate smear helped along by your "Alex Jones is Wrong" article. I would suggest next time to be more subtle and not do damage by trying to get cheap attention using "Alex Jones" in your headline. Obviously you realized he basically was correct in his analysis. Why did you exploit him?

I'm afraid you've done more damage than good. We all know that Alex has stood up under the test of time with his tireless research. YOu as well have done a good job with the London bombings. But Alex has been doing this a long time. I just wish you would have been more subtle in correcting Alex. I don't see you posting headlines stating Fox News or Sky News Should be closed down because they lie every single day! Where are those headlines? Those two rightwing news outlets have caused major bloodshed and are extremely racist. Alex on the other hand, has done as much as anyone online in helping us avoid propaganda.

1:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One point I forgot to's the mainstream media trying to ridicule all of us because a tiny amount of our research might not be rock solid. Yet these same critics that would label us as tin-foil madhatter's have themselves reported enourmous amounts of mistakes and contradictions concerning the UK bombings. Using their same method of analogy would completely discredit their own reporting. How many times has the official 7-7 story changed now? You'd think they'd be better at covering up after all the practice they've had!

Oh by the way, did any of you catch the video footage showing that team of "undercover's" who shot that patsie? They were NOT police. Since the morning of the shooting, I have not seen one single photograph of that same team of shooters they showed that morning. There was about six of them in the video footage I saw. They all had on blue baseball hats and blue t-shirts and did not look like Brits. They looked American but I can't be sure. A couple of them had that American 'macho cop with a mustache' image. They showed them coming out of the tube station minutes after that poor sap was shot. None of them would look into the camera and they all had that five mile stare. These guys had CIA/MOSSAD/M15 written all over them.

Once again, if anyone caught the Sky News broadcast the morning of the shooting, they showed the actual killers! Someone find these mercenaries wearing blue hats and blue shirts. Keep your eye out.

1:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stef, you've put your finger on the issue precisely. Thank you.

1:51 pm  
Blogger irishdrifter said...

Yes and each day brings forward new evidence that proves the police and msm are lying bastards.

NURSE! More Soma over here please!

2:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why didn't you call Alex Jones and suggest that he misunderstood the 1,000 employees bit?

Jones could have corrected himself and the C4 hit piece could have been avoided...lending more creedence to the independent yours.


I think you're photoshop/CCtv angle is interesting though...but lacking.

You really need to show examples of how photoshop leaves the sorts of anomalies that you offer.

You need to get some photoshop experts to take us through how an image like this could have been created,(it's called rotoscoping FYI, and the best do it perfectly), and to demonstrate as conclusively as possible, how these abberations are definitely not functions of the cctv camera image , but of duplicitous image-play.

Now that would be a true 'splash' article...rather than the schoolyard stuff you're trying on vis a vis Jones...

2:44 pm  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

Let me quote from my article:

Visor's eight-person, office-bound terror drill wasn't cover for the black op. The story of the coincident drill was itself the decoy cover.

This is classic "Rove"-style tactics.

Got something that might be dangerous if it came out? So, float your own flawed version of the story using some media stooges. Then have some more media stooges destroy that story based on it's errors and flaws. Now nobody will touch the story at all. And you are safe. Easy. SOP.

The establishment know we are out here.

When they run ops like London or 9/11 they are waiting for us with seemingly attractive conspiracy angles which they know will lead us nowhere.

They know that because they designed them to go nowhere.

When Peter Power mentioned the coincident terror drill on BBC -he was deliberately seeding the story for the conspiracy theorists.

The Visor coincident drill story plays well in the alternative media. It's meant to. It's not a threat to concealing the op. Because our "facts" are dead wrong.

The establishment doesn't mind if the "conspiracy theorists" spend their time on it. It eats up investigation bandwidth. Helps ensure that we don't stumble over more dangerous information.

Then later, mainstream journos write articles about the "conspiracy theorists" and their wierd ideas.

But they focus only on the pre-arranged decoy issue which the establishment have already seeded.

Now they can show how the "conspiracy" people are inept and in error.

Thus destroying the story; thus reassuring mainstream doubters and thus keeping us in our "conspiracy" box.

Visor's eight-person, office-bound terror drill wasn't cover for the black op. The story of the coincident drill was itself the decoy cover.

2:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fintan, both you and Alex Jones do a great service in pointing out the brazen disregard of humanity that the New World Order is subjecting us to, i think you both fight for the same cause, but as of yet you stand by your accusation of Alex, no retraction, we need to stay focused on the real problem and put individual differences aside

3:19 pm  
Blogger Stef said...

I'm just wondering what other 'proven' Israeli tactics our security forces are planning to implement - how about surrounding Brick Lane with an enormous concrete wall? Maybe demolish a few dozen houses in Leeds to teach those pesky Muslims a lesson?

Agree with nascarblue about the police at Stockwell. Holding people down and shooting them in the head sounds a tad 'specialist' to me.

Have I missed something, or are the police still not explaining why they let a suspect suicide bomber get onto the streets from out of a house they had under surveillance. Or weren't they prepared for the possibility he might walk out his front door at some point?

12:06 am  
Blogger Stef said...

PS I've been commenting on a couple of sites about the need to refrain from coming up with alternative scenarios for what's going on. I'm still thinking of ways to better articulate that concern. Here's the latest version ...

Coming up with alternative theories IS valid if you can use them to predict and search for corroborative information. If they can help you to locate and identify a killer piece of evidence, great. Find that evidence then post the theory, you'll be a hero.

If, however, all you are doing is re-intepreting information provided by the mainstream media or gaps in the information provided by the mainstream media you leave yourself at its mercy. That emergency exercise on 7/7 is a classic example. The MSM giveth and the MSM taketh away. Patching a theory together based on intuitive selection of material supplied by the MSM ain't ever going to work out for obvious reasons.

So, here's a question to anybody who reads this and has come up with a theory of their own - what independent work have you done to confirm you theory? Or are you just trying to put a jigsaw together only using pieces supplied by someone who wants you to fail?

Get my drift?

12:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fintan, If what you assert about this "cover story" being an intended distraction is accurate, have you not then unwittingly contributed to their plans? Perhaps it would have been smarter to not follow that part of the story.

Did you honestly think that questioning the integrity or insightfulness of Alex Jones (given his stature and track record within the alternative community)would not create the firestorm it has?

It seems awfully peculiar!

3:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a point:

Peter Power is running a drill for a company and then the (same) scenario unfolds around them. They are shocked at this 'coincidence' so Peter Power has to go on radio/TV to announce the drill otherwise someone in the company might speak out before him.
Strange choice of stations though, a company in the City of London might not have that many people coming in from Edgware Road (hardly central London) but Paddington Green police station is very close.

11:21 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone... Fintan in particular, please answer if possible...

GETTING BACK to a "basic point" about what Power said *exactly* re: how his exercise team moved quickly from "slow time thinking" to "real time action" (or some such, sorry I forgot the exact quote).

How precisely is that a reasonable (or even possible) thing to say IF what they were doing was only something "on paper"??? Power's OWN COMMENT indicated that the Visor TEAM doing this exercise "WENT INTO ACTION" IMMEDIATELY upon realization that what was happening was REAL and no longer just an *exercise*.

This fact, simple as it is and direct from Power's mouth, indicates the exercise team DID have some sort of actual real-world authority or role to play in actual ACTION on the day of the event.

Thus invalidating 100% this claim that they were "only doing something on paper" at all... unless I'm really missing something else on this???

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? ;-)

9:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you are friends with Alex Jones, that we know. Could you not have simply telephoned/emailed him to put him right or advise him to take it off-site whilst the two of you figured the psy-op out? Network! Teamwork! You are a fine journo, your points always cogently argued but please, please, if you see a fellow investigator taking a wrong turn take him to one side and correct him. "United we stand, divided we fall; together we can stand tall" [Public Enemy: 'Fight the Power' -pun intended].

BTW, Fcuk Channel 4.

7:28 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been trying to follow this as best as possible, but Fintan, if this Visor excercise was announced deliberately to take away focus, then what do you believe? Was there another drill?

Trying hard to follow up on all this, but jsut came from 3 week vacation so it has been hard to gather the info since it has changed so much

7:33 am  

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