Sunday, March 27, 2005

Indecency Bill aimed also at the Internet

"Octogenarian Republican Senator Ted Stevens and his committee are considering an "indecency" bill cooked up in the wake of the furor over Janet Jackson’s boob flash during the Super Bowl. And now, the weighty senator wants to extend its provisions.

" Thunders the senator: “We ought to find some way to say, here is a block of channels, whether it’s delivered by broadband, by VoIP, by whatever it is, to a home..."

" From the ACLU to libertarian conservatives, predictions of what the Stevens proposals mean are dire. "I think Stevens is probably laying the groundwork for another assault on speech online,” Adam Thierer, a senior fellow at the libertarian, free-market Progress & Freedom Foundation. "He’s obviously pointing the way to other members of Congress, saying that if they want to control the media, they have to start at cable and satellite first, and then target the Internet . . . This foreshadows the coming debate we’ll have over IP-enabled services in the video space."


Blogger Oz said...

It's the old well worn proceedure using problem-reaction-solution. You want to crack down on freedom of expression knowing very well that people will be against it initially. So what do you do. Flood the media cable/internet/MSM with nudity/sex/blah blah and then say how it's out of control. The public then get their cue saying how awful and disgusting it is and "something must be done". Then who's this on the horizon? dada dada Why it's the goverment and all there wonderful laws here to protect us.

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