Saturday, March 26, 2005

Kyrgyzstan : One Giant Leap for Oilmankind.

"The Bush regime got a regime change yesterday in Kyrgyzstan for far less than the going rate. The cost of an oil change in Iraq, for instance, is at least $200 billion and thousands of uncounted corpses and, damn it, they're still not finished.

"One small steppe for man, one giant leap for oilmankind.

"The original Great Game was the 19th century struggle between the British Empire and Imperial Russia for control of Central Asia. This is a new century, so the players are different and considerably bulked up, and oil has made an already slick game more slippery.


Blogger HardHawk said...

Well Hittler too found it very easy to open several fronts until the people strted to react to him. In this case I believe they just leave the enemy to come on the teritory and then will be answered in kind .


12:56 pm  

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