Sunday, March 27, 2005

40% of U.S. Population Desperately Need Sunlight

Heads up, you northern hemisphere residents. After months of gloom, it's sunshine time. Time to top-up your Vitamim D. Sun-derived vitamin D is one of the most powerful nutrients the body uses, and low levels are linked to depression. But as sunshine is free, there is no way to make a profit out it. So you don't hear much about free Vitamin D.
"Adams: Do you think part of the reason the health benefits of natural sunlight aren't getting a lot of attention is because there's no money in it? I mean, sunshine's free.

Dr. Holick: It certainly is a part of it. And like I said, the problem is that vitamin D deficiency has such subtle but incredibly important health implications. It's the subtlety that's the problem."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Fintan,

Useful idiots, like the entire population of the UK, loose their right to keep and bare arms.....
Why you create speculation as to "Wing TV's" credibility is quite disturbing considering the incredible odds against wonderful people like Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani .... who both happen to be fighting the same people that took your guns away....
Instead of fighting people who speak the truth, why not attack the same criminal element that permeates your political system ?

6:44 am  
Blogger Fintan, said...

I'm not sure what all this has to do with 40% needing more sunlight... lol

But my point about Wing TV was that they are cosying up to Rick Stanley - a guy who thinks that guns have a role in politics. That was way cool in the 1700's, but this is 2005. Today, the way to solve social and political issues is without guns. What the hell would I need a gun for? I have no intention of killing someone??

1:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you have no intention of defending yourself or your family apparently.
If you are a Quaker or pacifist like Gandhi .. then by all means I respect your view.

I suppose that I'm one of those extremists who would have preferred to resist by all manner of arms, the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the inauguration of the Third Reich.
I have in mind the Spanish Civil War: If the republic had been sufficiently armed and well-organized it might have defeated the Franco-Hitler-Mussolini alliance, stemmed the rise of the Axis and possibly prevented the ensuing global catastrophe.
Even the armed workers who boldly resisted the Nazi takeover of Austria, in a doomed effort, fighting house-to-house in the streets of Vienna, resisting and dying to the last - at least they died with their dignity and their honor intact.

Even having lost, at least we would have fought and died something resembling an honorable death.

As opposed to the millions of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and socialists, led like sheep to the slaughter, into the camps, by all those nice compassionate former Weimar-era bureaucats and social workers.
To me, their active resistance would have made their lives and deaths more meaningful after the fact, and might possibly have altered the magnitude of the outcome.
As an American Jew who lost distant family members in the last round of fascist global conflict, over half-a century ago,
I would prefer to have at least a tiny fighting chance to resist when it comes around this time.

I respect you work Fintan, and I support it financially.

But please allow me the privilege of defending myself, my family and friends from corporate gangsters and their murderous fascist hired thugs - by any means at my disposal.
Your refusal, in principle, to respect my right to resist and fight back, with arms of any kind avaiable, shows the sort of petit-bourgeois crypto-Fabian religious arrogance that one associiates with the Webbs or Bertrand Russell:
We see it here with the Sarah Brady types.
They are shills for the emerging Gestapo of the global elites.
Unwittingly, I think, you display a condescension and lack of empathy for those seeking survival and justice.

What would you have us do with the likes of a Cheney ?

Could you ever trust some of these gangsters to be running around free and alive - to connive and scheme at greater and greater acts of murder and mayhem. These are dangerous and violent people we are talking about.
Just look at their depraved private lives, and the trafficking in human flesh that is their everyday commerce.
Wouldl you deny us the right to impose a just death penalty on the worst of these ruthless and sadistic psychopaths ?
Even though simple self-preservation might dictate such a harsh course. What post-revolutionary provisional government could stand to allow its own suicide ?

Mao was right: Political power does grow out of the barrel of a gun.
Certainly ideas are powerful too.
But nation-states and empires are bodies of armed men organized to enforce contracts and collect debts.
They have no limits or scruples when it comes to killing.

When push comes to shove, I look around me and ask myself: Who's going to stand beside me in a streetight ?
Who's going to help me defend my home and community from thugs unleashed and directed by those in power ?
That has nothing to do with LEFT or RIGHT or liberal or conservative or libertarian or communist or any of that shallow crap.
I don't know whether the Magna Carta, the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man (1789) or any other early European manifestos proclaimed the right to self-defense.
Certainly, all of them assert individual sovereignty.
And, implicit in that, is the right to self-defense.
If you reject the right to self-defense reflected in 2nd Amendment (of the US Bill of Rights), then in principle, you reject my right to self-defense.
Now you do raise some legitimate issues with infiltration of the 9/11 truth movement (and global justice movement generally) by psy-op speciaists on the WEB; often manipulating traditional crypto-fascist style and working as police provocateurs have always done. We all appreciate your sharp and cogent analysis of Rivero and Vialis and what is really driving their agitprop.
As a veteran of the 60s left, I have intimate experience with the variety and subtlety of Cointelpro-type operations.
Of course psy-ops will exploit the neo-nazi, racist angle to infilitrate the movements of decent people.
But that doesn't mean we should reject out-of-hand, legitimate loyalty to the Bill of Rights, the 2nd Amendment and a general commitment to the principle of self-defense embodied in the right to keep and bear arms.
Let's not throw that principle out with the bath water of right-wing poltics as usual.

It wasn't so long ago that a group of radical black Vietnam veterans taught me about that; back in the late 1960s.
They were defending their communities against the random attacks of a corrupt and brutal, out-of-control, police department in Oakland, California.
They studied the shotgun-armed self-defense organizations of the Resurrection-era south, which spontaneously sprung up in black communites to defend against the midnight masked assaults of the Ku Klux Klan: local militias like the Deacons for Defense in MIssissippi and Alabama.

I hear the echo of what Bobby and Huey were saying back then: They said: Arm yourself... or harm yourself.
You have a right to self-defense.
Your family and community have a right to self-defense.
And whether you personally choose such an option or not, I believe your are morally bound to respect that right when, in a state of immediate necessity, it is claimed by others.

3:39 am  

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