Sunday, July 24, 2005

UK Police Want New Draconian Powers

Senior British police have asked UK Prime Minister Tony Blair for draconian new powers, including the right to detain a suspect for up to three months without charge instead of the current 14 days.

The Association of Chief Police Officers(ACPO) have also asked for a new specialist U.K. border-security agency -along the lines of U.S. Homeland Security.

The police are also seeking to have a suspect's right to silence removed. In a statement they said:
' The obligation placed on company directors in fraud trials to answer questions would have significant benefits if developed into the arena of counter terrorism.'
Police also sought extra funding of £45m ($76) for a new generation of CCTV cameras at ports and airports. The police body further wants to be able to attack and close down Web sites in order to to "suppress inappropriate internet usage."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

here we go, stage an attack by "terrorists" and launch draconian measures of control over the sheeple, erradicate any rights that were present and herd them all to the slaughter

i'm surprised it took this long as George Orwell was one of yours

3:36 pm  
Blogger Rory Winter said...

Gives Pommy (Prisoner Of Mother England) a whole new, updated significance, huh?

6:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter Power has twice been interviewed on Newsnight. Did he have to answer questions on the 7/7 drill? No, his opinion was being sought over the shoot to kill and locking up for 3 months without detention powers that the police want.
Also my reply to what time did the trains leave Kings Cross, which is where I am still stuck at, from London Transport is copied here:

Dear Ms Dunne

Thank you for writing to the Mayor recently with your concerns about the
Your e-mail has been logged at his office and passed to me to answer from
London Underground's point of view.

I am sorry for the delay getting back to you. I'm sure you'll understand
that we
have a large volume of correspondence to deal with at the moment.

I'll answer your questions in the order and form you asked them.

1. Yes, all Tube trains have radio contact with their line control.

2. I'm sorry, but I find this question a little strange because it seems to
that the drivers did not alert the control centre. I'm not sure what
information you
base this assumption on, but it isn't accurate. Our network control had been

alerted to all the incidents within minutes of them happening. Your question
seems to assume that the drivers would have known instantly that the
were bombs, but this also isn't the case. They reported what they knew,
often the
symptoms rather than the cause (so to speak), which itself may not have been

immediately clear.

3. Mercifully, no member of our staff was injured in any of the explosions.
understand that there was damage to the cab of at least one train where the
windows were shattered.

4. Again, I'm afraid it's not accurate to say that the information given
about a
power surge was a 'story'. When the explosions happened, obviously they
the track circuit. On the computer systems at network control, such a big
would look the same as a power surge. It's worth pointing out that we have
been the victim of a terrorist attack of this kind before, but on 28 August
2003 a
power surge knocked out about half of the network. Such a surge can be
accompanied by explosions. In other words, all the evidence we had at the
(including the information from the drivers) and our experience pointed to a

power surge, so that's what we said it was. This information was given in

I am dismayed by reports in certain sections of the media that the term
surge was used as some kind of cover story until we were ready to reveal the

truth. Indeed, I have to say that I take issue with calling it a 'story', as
this seems
to imply that we deliberately misled people. This is nonsense. As soon as we
evidence of what had actually happened, we made that information public.

5. Most trains now have CCTV and it is being added to older trains as they
refurbished and fitted on new trains as standard. You may have seen the
from train CCTV of the 21 July Oval suspect.

6. I understand your point about the time helping eye witnesses. It is now
that all three explosions were between 8.50 and 8.51am. Of course we have
track data to know exactly when each train left each station, but I think
that any
eye witnesses should concentrate on the run up to the key time of 8.50am.

I hope that I have answered your questions, clarified the situation and set
mind at rest.

Please contact us again if you need any help from London Underground in the

Yours sincerely

Robert Wolstenholme
Customer Service Advisor
Customer Service Centre
0845 330 9880

I will be contacting Mr Wolstenholme to tell him that I will choose where I concentrate my attention. If TFL can be so open about Bob Kiley's CIA credentials why can't I know what time the trains were at Kings Cross?

Another point I have been pursuing is that London Bridge station links the Thameslink from Luton to the Northern Line, and it is on that part of the line that was closed. Also links Angel station which is one of the stops of the no 30 bus if it travels from Hackney Wick. I came across some mention of that station being closed on the morning of the 7/7 as well.

Stagecoach have very fortunately won the new Thameslink contract since 7/7 as have Skanska (whose PFI projects include the new Royal London Hospital as well as Ministry of Defence buildings) won the Manhattan transport project (after sacking their Swedish CEO) in favour of an American.

Just possible links that I am coming across while trying to find out what is going on. Isn't fascism the arm of finance capital and I suspect global fascism is the arm of global finance capital.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

11:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

London has transfored; cops at every station, 'community police' and now a mix of 6000 armed police amongst unsuspecting commuters. All nicely in place with the laughable reason 'to make the public feel sager' HA! Terrify the life out of them, more like. They're nice and friendly and smiling at the moment, but it won't last if these laws are passed. I predict that the brown shirts or community police will be issued with tasers which they will use indiscriminately judging from their demeanour. Tonight is somewhat unusual, as I've not heard a siren for hours. There's been a noticable increase in helicopters. Mainstream media is active in hate propogada against Islamists whose faked representative actors are paraded on respectable-sounding propoganda mills such as News Night. Oh, there goes another siren.

10:11 pm  

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