Monday, May 02, 2005

Moms Wanted - Salary $130,000/year, inc. overtime

An informal study conducted by Web site shows that stay-at-home moms would earn an average of $131,471 annually, including overtime, if they received a paycheck.

The hypothetical median salary is based on a 100-hour work week and assumes caring for at least two children of school age. The annual base pay for a 40-hour stay-at-home mom's workweek would be $43,461. Mothers would earn an additional $88,009 a year for 60 hours of overtime each week.

Just makes you think what would have happened if the women's movement had actualy succeeded in getting a meaningful social priority on the work of homemakers. Instead, many homemakers are now keeping down part-time or full-time jobs, for which -if they are women- they still get paid less.

Something tells me we got conned.

Monopoly market capitalism will investing in almost anything, except children -tomorrow's human beings.


Blogger Kathy, said...

In Ireland back in the 80's there was a move to give stay at home moms an allowance but this proposal meant that the husbands wage would taxed on the allowance. The proposal never came to fruition, because men objected to the fact that their salaries would be affected. The amount mentioned was small, something like £40 a month. Now look what's happening, in order to keep a family both parents have to work and the bulk of what they earn goes on childcare and taxes.

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