Saturday, April 30, 2005

BBC Show Parodies 9/11 Inside Job

"In what was a blatant tip of the hat to 9/11 conspiracy pop culture, BBC's new Doctor Who series featured a plot which mirrored every aspect brought forth by those who contend that the September 11 attack was an inside job.

"In the recent episode 'Aliens of London,' a spaceship crashes into Big Ben in a sequence eerily similar to the events of 9/11. It turns out that the purpotrators of the attack is the government itself, having been infiltrated at the highest levels (by aliens). They then use the staged attack to launch a war on another planet to grab the planet's fuel."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's more, it even included the prime-minister claiming that weapons of mass destruction could be launched to reach the planet within "45 seconds" from spaceships apparently surrounding Earth and that nuclear weapons should be launched to destroy them. The launching of the weapons would trigger a nuclear war which would destroy the planet enabling the aliens to sell fragments of the Earth as fuel for aliens!!
It's a great show with a lot of pertinent points.

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