Saturday, April 30, 2005

Debunking the God Squad Lies

"Every now and then, it doesn't hurt to take a little test ride on the Truth Train and see if the supposed 'morals and values' crowd are selling the country a train with round wheels or square ones. So, come along on the Truth Train and let's see how she rides.

The Religious Right never seems more pleased, than when they can get us all at one another's throat. Well, I didn't say it but...
"Religion I found to be without any tendency to inspire, promote, or confirm morality, serves principally to divide us and make us unfriendly to one another."
- Benjamin Franklin
The God Squad just can't figure out why so many people today are looking at their Jihad for Jesus movement with such great alarm. They did say, it was their goal to take over every elected office in the government. Well, I didn't say it but...
"Of all the tyrannies that affect mankind, tyranny in religion is the worst."
- Thomas Paine


Blogger oneeyeclosed said...

the fool in his heart says there is no god-king
this generation of vipers
shall not pass until
the Liar is revealed
and removed-in-chains
the people rejoice
when liberty reigns

2:11 am  
Anonymous luda veruda said...



11:35 am  

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