Sunday, May 08, 2005

Galloway, the Voters and I - How We Beat Blair

(Sunday Herald) - It is obvious that something huge is going on in the constituency. We’re constantly mobbed as we tour on our open-top bus. Early on, I realise that we will win, although I’m canny with the media, because Bow West, one of our worst wards, is running only 3-2 against us. When our heartlands come in we’re winning eight or nine to one against Labour.

The confirmation takes forever, 4.35am, then we stumble through press interviews and I cannot resist making an offensive gesture to New Labour’s campaign manager as he passes. I clapping at the crowd of 150 or more who are being held back by the police lines, which then break, we are enveloped, Galloway is hoisted onto shoulders and borne aloft into the Preem And Prithi restaurant where supporters have been waiting for more than eight hours for this moment...


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