Sunday, May 08, 2005

CIA and the Dark side of Outsourcing

(IndiaDaily) - CIA director Porter Goss plans to develop new techniques for undercover operations, including establishing front companies and forging closer ties with prominent international firms. Under cover of increasing foreign direct investment and outsourcing of jobs companies can be used to keep an eye on internal matters, military and even politicians of other countries.

Meaning India, for example may have to spend enormous amount of money in counter intelligence to deter these corporations from indulging in intelligence tactics on India.

According to some think tanks, the new intelligence tactics and new techniques for undercover operations may include recruiting prominent politicians. Again rumor world says, some politicians from all the parties in India including the Communists are on foreign intelligence pay rolls.

Research Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s elite intelligence counterpart to CIA has in the recent past tough experience with CIA. One of the RAW directors who according to the rumor world, was a double agent, defected to America through Nepal after being caught stealing intelligence details. The rumor world says, RAW has many more moles from intelligence organizations of many countries.

The outsourcing bandwagon to India now looks like a reminiscent of East India Company from Britain many hundreds of years back which came to buy cheap spice in India and finally needed up hijacking the country using intelligence techniques, bribing the military commanders of Indian Kings and Sultans....


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