Saturday, May 07, 2005

Free TV Front Waving Flags of Victory

In a unanimous decision, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals has tossed out the broadcast flag, the FCC rule that would have crippled digital television receivers starting July 1. The ruling came in a challenge brought by Public Knowledge, EFF, Consumers Union, the Consumer Federation of America, the American Library Association, and others.

The court ruled that the FCC lacks the authority to regulate what happens inside your TV or computer once it has received a broadcast signal. The broadcast flag rule would have required all TV components to 'recognize and give effect to' a broadcast flag, forcing them not to record or output a digital signal if the flag were set.

This is extraordinary victory for fair use and innovation. The fight isn't over yet, though. The flag's proponents at the MPAA will head to Congress to get authority for the rule, and we'll need your help to fight it....


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