Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Conan Nails Aspartame

U.S. TV host/comedian Conan O'Brien in a recent comedy article on the future of television, couldn't resist a nasty swipe at aspartame -one of the health 'secrets' well known inside the corporate media:
"One of TiVo's best loved features—its ability to provide viewers with commercial-free television—will inevitably force TV advertising to go extinct. As a result, celebrities will be forced to find new and creative ways to compromise their integrity. (At this moment, the writer pauses to slake his thirst with a delicious Diet Peach Snapple... now with less aspartame!)"


Anonymous Tim said...

In a really weird way Conan is right about TV. I obviously agree because I'm here aren't I? Writing a blog on an Independent news cite. I hope people listen to those "ocasional prophets" Conans talks about briefly.

8:27 pm  
Blogger William O said...

"Now with less EVERYTHING!"

12:49 am  

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