Monday, May 23, 2005

Displaced Iraqis Simmer with Anger

by Dahr Jamail - Amman, Jordan - It isn’t difficult to find Iraqis in Amman nowadays. The word on the street is that somewhere around half a million have come to Jordan over the last couple of years, seeking security and/or jobs, since they have neither at home in Iraq.

Mohammed arrived in Amman four months ago, and is as angry at the current Iraqi government as at the interim government that preceded it.

“I want to ask Jalal Talabani to solve this problem for us,” he tells me while we talk at a square in central Amman where many Iraqis congregate on this sunny Friday morning. “What did Ayad Allawi achieve during his time as president?” he asks, displaying his contempt for the new National Assembly: “So what do we think this new government will achieve? Nothing!”....


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