Monday, April 11, 2005

A week of dubious witnesses in Jackson's trial

"The parade of former employees included some who admitted that they had stolen from their boss, sold their accounts of events to tabloid journalists for thousands of dollars, changed their testimony when money came knocking and lied to investigators. Even the man who used to fetch Jackson's French fries was once a purveyor of Internet pornography. So debilitating was it to watch that Rodney Melville, the grandfatherly judge, said with a sigh, 'It's been an intense week.'


Blogger *Oidua said...

Seems to me the brainstream media coverage of the trial has been nothing short of bias. Talk about scimming the evidence Jackson is being found guilty by brainstream media and the general populace seem to be going for it.
Why would the brainstream want to paint Jackson as a peadophile before he has had a verdict? Is it solely sensationalism?
Any degree of respect i once had for the media (out of ignorance) is being continually depleted by the evidence of their non-reporting of the facts surrounding (it seems) every story they choose to run with.

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