Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dislodged Fireproofing Made WTC Towers Fall

You have to credit these people for being inventive. The 'fuel fire' theory of the WTC collapses is ridiculous wnen examined cosely, so some kind of plausible-sounding excuse must be found. But, whether there was fireproofing or not is irrelevant -once you know that there was never a fire hot enough to melt steel anyway. Try WagKingdom.com for the real story, but here goes:
The World Trade Center towers in New York collapsed because the impact of hijacked jets dislodged fireproofing on core steel columns that then weakened in the ensuing blaze, U.S. government investigators said today.

"The buildings would likely not have collapsed under the combined effects of aircraft impact and the subsequent jet-fuel ignited, multifloor fires, if the fireproofing had not been dislodged'' by the impact of the crash, the report said.

Steel floor beams weakened by the blaze pulled in the skyscrapers' weight-bearing external walls, leading them to fail catastrophically, engineers said.

"Immediately before the north tower collapsed, its outer wall warped inward by as much as 55 inches. That's a lot of inward bowing," said Shyam Sunder, a lead investigator.


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The investigators are funny!

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