Tuesday, April 05, 2005

EU Court may reject food supplement laws

" In a stinging indictment of EU rules on food supplements and vitamins, which opponents say could outlaw thousands of health food products, the European Court of Justice's Advocate General Leendert Geelhoed said they broke basic principles of EU law.

" The Alliance for Natural Health, one of three groups that originally brought the case in Britain, called the opinion "tremendous news ... for the millions of people in Europe who choose to use food supplements."

‘It is commendable that the EU Advocate General has seen through the flawed science and law of the Food Supplements Directive and reached his recommendations today,’ said Dr. Robert Verkerk, Executive Director of the ANH.

David C. Hinde, Solicitor and ANH Legal Director, added: ‘This is a very significant Opinion in a landmark case. Advocate General Geelhoed is the most senior Advocate General at the ECJ and his considered reasoning vindicates ANH’s legal analysis and position. We are very optimistic that the Court will adopt his recommendations.’

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