Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Students Chase CIA Off Campus at NYU

"A planned CIA recruiting event at New York University (NYU) was canceled after the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) called a protest demanding the CIA abandon its recruiting program at NYU."

"We believe they're testing the waters to see how brazenly they can recruit on campuses without encountering student opposition, before spreading programs like this to colleges across the country," said Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, a senior at NYU and member of the Campus Antiwar Network. "Forcing them to cancel their big speaking event is a huge victory. It showed them they can't market an agency that supports torture and murder around the world without a fight."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be interested to know what the CIA's recruiting criteria are, though. It would have been worth letting the event go ahead just to find out.

12:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read Confessions of an Economic Hit Man if your curious about CIA recruitment. We don't need any more info. Shut 'em down.

2:36 pm  

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