Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Theologian Slams Papacy of JPII

" This pope and his self-appointed German mafia headed by Cardinal Ratzinger will have to face the judgement of history (and very likely God also). I for one would hate to have to face my Creator with a track record like this one.

" His prolonged effort to render fascism fashionable, included the rushing into canonization of the card-carrying fascist priest who founded the Opus Dei movement even though this man actually praised Adolf Hitler and also denounced women and has been accused of sexual abuse of six young men who are alive today.

" Not to mention the conscious destruction and systemic dismanteling of the Liberation Theology movement and the very vital base communities it spawned in Latin America in particular--a move which has opened up Latin America to an onslaught of Pentecostal and right wing religious huckstering....


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