Wednesday, August 03, 2005

20 Marines Killed in Iraq Attacks

Six marines died yesterday, and fourteen more were killed early today in Iraq, when their troop carrier struck a gigantic roadside bomb in the western town of Haditha.

Seven U.S. Marines killed in western Iraq The American command here provided few details of the attack, but said the marines had been riding in an amphibious troop carrier "during combat operations" on the southern end of the city when it struck the bomb.

There were indications that the roadside bomb used in the attack was quite large; the marines said that only one of the soldiers had been wounded, while 14 had been killed. American commanders say that in recent months the insurgents have been exploding bigger and more sophisticated bombs, some of which focus the blast in a single direction.

On Monday, guerrillas ambushed and killed a group of six marine snipers who were moving through the town on foot. The insurgent group, Ansar Al Sunna, claimed responsibility for that attack, and also claimed that it had beheaded one of the marines.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every time you read of young people getting killed and for what ? It can not be helped to feel that squeeze in your heart though the after thought is , but they was there where they had no business to be , to kill people they have every right to be where they are .
But been there yourself in a past life you know they did not have a choice been there and may be some of them to be too stupid to understand or care about the atrocities they committing and may have well deserve dying .
And then you think the mothers of this young people that when they given birth to them in a country of opportunity as USA dared to make dreams for their future and hope the best for them and now they have to live the rest of their lives mourning a son that some say he got what it deserve , the government dont care either way they are dead and at the end of the day in both countries are only mothers left mourning and wondering why them .
This is the reality call folks . War all it achieves is to make some criminals that the nation assign to protect it , really rich and families to loose in a second their fathers and husbands from one side or their daughters since now we have our little girls also send to die for what?
And on the other side innocent people who until yesterday they dident know they was terrorist branded as ones and have some senseless kids they think is a video game bombing the S..t out of them killing them with every means at their disposal and calling them collateral damage .
I seen this article and at the end I read make a comment . And I will make one for whom ever dare to experience this . Go find a mother of this dead kids and look in her eyes dont say nothing just look at her in the eyes and see her pain and then you will not need a comment you will know and see if you can live and support what is happening to our children . Because this is what humanity forget practically to feel . ALL THE CHILDREN OF THIS WORLD ARE OUR CHILDREN We are existing to protect them and teach them how to build a better world for them , not to destroy what is left of it , and some of us to cheer them up as though they are doing something patriotic and heroic .Today our children die tomorrow it be your children’s turn if we all dont make a stand and stop this insane people who send them to kill each other . Where this senseless act ends ?
If you have children or not think about what I say before is too late . STAND UP AND SAY NO MORE . It is all it takes humans . SAY NO MORE


2:08 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that US "soldiers" are planting bombs

No doubt the neo-con nazis want to start www3 there to rid the planet of a few more of us useless eaters

5:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

N'shallah, 20 more today and 20 more tomorrow.

1:26 pm  

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