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Stockwell Murder Shatters Brazilian Family

"Jean had lived in Sao Paulo. It is a dangerous city and he knew the rules there ­ if you run away when the police tell you to stop, then you are dead. He knows you don't run away and his English was perfect. There is no explanation for him ignoring a warning because there was no warning. He was murdered. The people who did this ­ the police, the Government ­ should hide their faces in shame." - Alex Pereira
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050724_familia06The murder of a Brazilian citizen in London's Stockwell tube station has been blamed by the increasingly shrill Mayor, Ken Livingstone on the alleged 'terrorists' who carried out the bomb attacks.

But terrorists did not hunt down Jean Charles de Menezes and execute him. Police did. 'Gung Ho' maniacs with a licence to kill -issued by U.K. authorities who are guilty of no less than premeditated murder.

Because these are the same authorities playing out an unconvincing charade which pretends 'terrorists' are the cause of recent bomb blasts and alerts. A great lie covering the ruthless actions of black operations teams instructed to murder in support of continuing the imperial war.

Last Friday it was an innocent Brazilian. Tomorrow it could be you. You have to stop this.

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Police did not warn before firing -witnesses

A number of witnesses have cast doubt on police statements that they shouted a warning or identified themselves to the suspect before opening fire. Lee Ruston, 32, who was on the platform, said that he did not hear any of the three shout “police” or anything like it. Less than a minute later Mr Menezes was pinned to the floor of the carriage by two men while a third officer fired five shots into the base of his skull.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...Mr Menezes was pinned to the floor of the carriage by two men while a third officer fired five shots into the base of his skull."

Therefore intentional murder, because if he was to be killed not to trigger a bomb then why pinning him down first (one holding his left arm the other the right arm down) and risk getting blown with him? and if he was pinned down thus unable to do anything, then why executing him, since all was safe?

This execution, was either meant as a "show" to terrorise the general population, or there is something else about that poor chap that we do not know but that warranted his killing.

Either way, I take it that anyone resembling an Asian or an Arab must be feeling pretty darn terrorised right now, and it wouldn't surprise me if the chap with the "NEW YORK" top running in the underground is nothing more than a terrorised little thug, fearing to be linched but innocent none the less. The guy looks more like one of these "Gansta" rap teenager than a terrorist.

1:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You imply the athorities wrongfully used racial profiling to set up the "NEW YORK" t-shirt guy as a boogieman.

it wouldn't surprise me if the chap with the "NEW YORK" top running in the underground is nothing more than a terrorised little thug, fearing to be linched but innocent none the less. The guy looks more like one of these "Gansta" rap teenager than a terrorist.

How exactly does a terrorist look? What precisely distinguishes a terrorist's physical appearance and demeanor from those of a non-terrorist? This unique ability to glimpse people on security cams & determine if they are innocent or guilty qualifies you to define our upcoming racial profiling tactics! It's a shame you weren't present to use this unbelievable skill to advise the athorities that Mr. Menezes presented no threat to the public.

Living in a district under police suspicion, walking outside in July with bulky coats resembling the appearance of the known bombers from two-weeks beforehand, wires dangling from his apparel, his attempt to flee past uniformed police after being confronted by plainclothes authorities -- sure, considering he was an electrician living illegally in Britain on an expired student visa, perhaps he had no involvement in the planning and assembly of electrical timing and detonation circuitry. Perhaps he merely suffered the consequences of his stream of poorly made decisions (I say "consequences" rather than "punishment", for I do not believe he deserved to die simply for acting suspiciously).

Investigators of the London bombings would have known terrorists who attacked the USA on 9/11 were likewise living in the country on expired student visas, and studying trades that would directly facilitate execution of their planned attacks. Publicly released information already demonstrates the British authorities believed Mr. Menezes possibly posessed knowledge helpful to the investigation of the 7/7 London bombings. Gathering of intelligence, whether for military or law-enforcement purposes, constantly requires choosing between confrontation of the source & conducting an interrogation in hopes of obtaining as much information as quickly as possible, or allowing the subject to go about his daily business so as to identify other possible subjects and to avoid alerting his affiliates that his identity has been compromised. Once a subject has been been apprehended, his value as an intelligence source is vastly diminished.

When you consider that he had been under surveillance for quite some time, yet was not arrested until it appeared he presented a clear threat to the public, it's understandable that at its worst this is a case of fratricide or collateral damage in a battlezone that is currently in a state of War. This is not an example of police brutality or a bellicose flexing of the strong arm of the law.

6:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaron, there is so much wrong with your comments that I don’t even know where to start…

Your argument is that this guy had it coming - the same old ‘bitch had it coming’ argument we always hear from right-wing apologists and Faux-news type facists when some 13-year old girl gets shot in Iraq.

People are basically trying to justify this London Lynching with various arguements such as:

1. The guy was suspicious enough - he was wearing a puffy jacket in the summer
2. The guy ran when the police started chasing him
3. He ran into the subway station and jumped the barriers
4. The police feared that he would set the bomb off and therefore shot him

And here are some of the obvious answers:

1. It was 72 degrees outside (and it could have been somewhat cloudy or windy, I don’t know) - that’s not so hot that you can’t wear a jacket
2. These were not uniformed police! Ask almost anyone what their instant reaction would be to a group of regularly-dressed guys who suddenly pull a gun out and start shouting. The person had *no way* of knowing who these people were!
3. Oops, looks like the whole ‘jumping the barrier’ thing was just a lie made up to cover their asses: the official report simply states: “He was then followed by surveillance officers to the underground station. His clothing and behavior added to their suspicions.”
4. If the police feared he had a bomb they would have shot him in the back as he ran away. Alternately, they might have shot him from a distance when he was in the subway car. Why the hell would they get close to him, tackle him, hold him down (5 guys) and then shoot him in the head *5 times*.

Additionally, I haven't seen anything to indicate that he attempted 'to flee past uniformed police', and obviously, your claim about his having wires dangling from his jacket are plain false since they found *nothing*

Yeah, I'm sure they were really afraid he had a bomb - that's why the plainclothes followed him to a bus stop and onto a bus that he rode to the subway station!,,22989-1707480,00.html

Oh, and in terms of ‘not being able to understand them’, first , I’m from CA and I’ve been to London, I couldn’t understand a word of what those people were saying the whole week I was there. Plus, even if I understood a group of strange men saying ‘Stop, we’re police’ while waving a gun at me, I’d still run.

P.S. This was obviously a psy-op terror operation - meant to make every minority in London scared (plus, conveniently the four pictures of the suspected bombers they have released include two south asians, one black, and one east asian). This is the equivalent of a modern-day lynching.

P.P.S. I will never again go to London as a tourist to spend my hard earned dollars - at the least I hope this incident comes back to bite them in the tourism industry ass!

8:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One innocent man killed and am certain he wont be the last. He turned out to be a non-Muslim, I couldnt help wondering.. had he been a Muslim would they still have admitted to his innocence or would they have labelled him as a terrorist, absurdly linking him to the bombings?
Many more will perish based on simply suspicion and paranoia. With the shoot-to-kill power, anyone 'looking suspicious' can be a target and killed by the police. So the lives of the 1.5 million muslims here have no value, as we're all 'potential suicide bombers'. Absolutely fuckin crazy. I guess we should all learn the escape routes of the subway system just in case!
I dont have a problem with the average Briton,I have many English friends but now even they have a slight fear when am sit with them. Its kinda funny when you're aware of the truth.. But saddens me as well.
My grandad was hoping to visit from Pakistan but i've now decided its best if he stays away. He'd find it hard to adapt to this weather but you see he cant wear a jacket on a sunny day - he may be shot for being a suicide bomber. He may even be accused of being an al-qaida mastermind - his beard and brown skin wont help. If plainclothed cops approach him waving guns in the air he'd get shot for running - Not understanding a word of English wouldnt help the poor man.
Am thankful that there are still sane people here who can see beyond the lies of our government. Well done and i hope you continue your good work :)

9:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr de Menezes was murder or as his cousin said "exterminated".

Mr de Menezes was not under surveillance - the apartment block he lived in was but police failed to investigate just how many apartments were in the building and how many people lived there. So just how good are the police at profiling anything if they did not have the information about who lived in the apartment block?

authorities believed Mr. Menezes possibly posessed knowledge helpful to the investigation of the 7/7 London bombings

This goes to show just how incompetent their investigations were.

So you think that because someone lives in a certain area this gives anyone the right to shoot them in cold blood?

God help anyone who likes to listen to music as they walk along the street, they would have wires from headphones.

Jack Straw now say's that Mr de Menezes appears to have been in Britain legally.Source

Whether he was in the country legally or not does not give the police or anyone else to do what they done to him.

Mr de Menezes was shot eight times at Stockwell Tube station on Friday, not five times as had previously been reported. He was shot seven times in the head and once in the shoulder.

If someone dressed in plain clothes, with guns, came running after me you can bet I would run as fast as I could.

In my opinion the mainstream media whore's are inciting hatred by their reports, the British Government is inciting hatred and crimes against minorities by how they are excusing the murder of Mr de Menezes.

I hope his family sue the British Government.

2:45 am  
Blogger irishdrifter said...

It's a crime against peace and humanity.

Blair in Nuremberg NOW!!


7:27 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both British and Egypt government cooperates with the Mossad terrorists whose sole duty is no more than "target killing". They cannot convince anyone with good internet access. Unfortunately, many asians living in Asia don't know whats going on here. They are still relying on bbc, cnn, fox and their own state-sponsored news sources. Like our governments,they put all the blames on al-ciada. They were given the first hand information that the british police just killed a terror suspect. They started scratching their heads when the so-called terror suspected was reportedly a Brazilian whose visa was expired. I think there is a need to inform the other sides of the world.

1:17 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you believe that to be a terrorist all you need is to wear the "wrong" kind of dress, especially with "wires" dangling all over you and sport a darkish skin, (maybe we should add a neon-sign above his head flashing the words:"suicide bomber in action")then I believe the guy running in the picture, is just a guy running.

Obviously that does spoil the party a bit, doesn't it? Given that it's open season on desert niggers. Do tell me, how does a Jew looks like? Should we go for a particular type of nose and ears, or is it the eyes that we should look for? maybe the dreadlocks? And what if they've been shaved?

Do you realise the enormity of what is currently taking place. Feels like 1936 if you guys ask me! First the bloody pests but then, ah, then... then its going to be anyone who doesn't comply, starting with bloody bloggers probably; just can't keep their bloody mouth shut.

7:36 pm  
Blogger irishdrifter said...

ahh, our entrepid asians

8:48 pm  

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