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Countdown: The Coming UK Coup

The Coming UK Coup Audio mp3

The London bombings were not only to bolster the NWO's Iraq campaign,
but mark a new phase in the G8's rolling global coup. Next stop Britain.

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by Fintan Dunne, Editor 30th July, 2005

We present unambiguous political analysis showing there is a covert timeline to ensure that in October of this year, the U.K. will railroaded into becoming a Homeland Security State --using the same methodology which established the prototype in the United States.

Just as in the U.S., a campaign of state-sponsored fake terrorism --supplemented with psychological warfare against the domestic population-- is the modus operandi. The London bombings were the opening gambit.

The evidence for this covert timeline begins back on 19th May, 2004 --in what seemed a relatively trivial incident at the time:
Prime Minister Tony Blair was hit by a missile thrown from a gallery in the House of Commons today.

Protestors hurled purple powder at the Premier striking him between the shoulder blades and clattering to the floor. Dads’ rights pressure group Fathers 4 Justice later claimed responsibility for the attack. [Source]
So what was that all about?

It was about laying the groundwork for a coup. Here's how.

First, consider the timing of the second 'failed' London bombings: early on the 21st July, 2005. Just in time to help usher in the renewal of the Patriot Act laws in the U.S.:
The House voted Thursday to extend the USA Patriot Act, the nation's main anti-terrorism tool, just hours after televisions in the Capitol beamed images of a new attack in London... The House debate included frequent references to the attacks earlier in the day, two weeks after larger London blasts that killed 56, including four suicide bombers. [Source]
Which was a particularly nice piece of timing -suiting George Bush rather than Al-Qaida.

Interestingly enough, that day was also the day that parliament in the U.K. recessed for the summer break --thus British politicians never got the chance to articulate their response to the events of the day. That's also quite convenient for Tony Blair.

Not to worry, the August break will soon be over. Come September the MPs will be back on the benches to fill the temporary democratic deficit. But...

Not this year they won't.

Because of that 'powder attack' on Tony Blair, a temporary security screen --already erected to protect MP's-- is scheduled to be replaced with a more permanent structure in early September.

Ministers argue that a long recess is necessary to give workmen time to construct a permanent security screen at the front of the Commons public gallery. [Source]
So parliament cannot sit. And later in September is a washout too, because that's the traditional political party conference season. Meaning it will be October 10th before MPs are back on the job. The first item on their agenda then being the Government's proposed terrorism legislation.

All of which means that Blair & Co. have a clear run of 80 days without parliamentary oversight or review of their actions and with the propaganda bonus of a Labor Party Annual Conference in the interim. That gives the Government every chance to set the scene for pushing through parliament a range of measures which will likely seriously impact civil liberties.

Senior British police have asked UK Prime Minister Tony Blair for draconian new powers, including the right to detain a suspect for up to three months without charge, a new specialist U.K. border-security agency along the lines of U.S. Homeland Security and removal of a suspect's right to silence. The police body further wants to be able to attack and close down Web sites in order to to "suppress inappropriate internet usage." [Source]

Parliamentarians will likely be predisposed to approve the measures after weeks of security alerts, bomb scares, and Keystone Cop mayhem including roundups of suspects. Their mood will no doubt be affected by a brand new security screen seperating them from the electoral rabble and enhancing the sense of threat.

And who knows, perhaps Al-Qaida will continue to 'attack' with optimal political timing --ahead of the vote on the new laws. Perhaps even causing those laws to be strengthened at the last minute. Nothing, as you see, is being left to chance.

In the light of all this, it might be fruitful to look again at the group whose intemperate Commons powder-throwing is turning out to be so advantageous for the U.K. end of the 'War on Terror'.

It was U. K. fathers' rights group Fathers4Justice who staged the stunt. Fathers4Justice are somewhat notorious for their 'superhero' protests. Group member David Chick, dressed as Spiderman, once climbed a crane beside London's Tower Bridge and four members of the group --dressed as Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Robin-- have climbed Bristol's Clifton Suspension Bridge.
But father's rights is not all publicity pranks:
Solicitors representing women whose ex-partners are members of Fathers4Justice claim they have been sent abusive e-mails, had their offices vandalised and stormed by protesters and have even been targeted at home.

In an even more sinister development, scores of family law solicitors specialising in children's issues were sent hoax letter bombs last autumn. Similar hoaxes - made of marzipan with wires attached to it - were also sent to offices of the Child and Family Courts Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), which deals with custody issues. [Source]
All of which is virtually a carbon copy of events 'down under' --in Britain's stalwart partner in the War on Terror: Australia.

Where a militant father's rights group called the Blackshirts has staged similar actions while wearing masks and paramilitary uniforms. The militant's leader John Abbott defended their often intimidatory acts saying: "we're here to encourage protect and defend marriage, the family and the children." [Source]

Asture readers might dispute that assertion and see both groups as classic, if not carricature, covert provocateurs who serve to smear father's rights to help keep men and women divided and thus conquered. That's a tactic of rulership as old as the Romans. Someone is pulling the strings of these groups.

That's puts a new context on the May, 2004 'powder incident' which has led to British MP's strategic absense this September. And it implies there is indeed a carefully planned timeline guiding all these events.

Seeing events in this light, the timing of the second 'Al-Qaida' attacks in London look like the political theatre it surely was. But, what about the first London bombs attack on 7/7 -coincident with the G8 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland?

Was it just randomly fortunate timing that the attacks wrongfooted the campaign for African debt relief and put the G8 leaders back in the driving seat on the issue? What of the pied pipers of the debt relief movement -the beknighted Bob Geldof who posed for photo opportunities with British Chancellor, Gordon Brown and sidekick Bono with his close links to figures in the Bush Administration? Were these media darlings encouraged to lead their movement into a perfectly timed trap designed to raise hopes of a breakthrough and then cynically dash them?

If so, then we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg in media coverage of current events.

Behind the scenes, those whom the 'suicided' former weapons inspector, Dr. David Kelly referred to a 'dark actors' have their hands subtly on the tiller.

And they plan to guide the ship of state into a prolonged war on self-sponsored 'terrorism' -stripping away civil rights under cover of 'terrorist attacks' whose timing benefits the political agenda of the global players.

Which means it's about time the left in politics woke up to the fact that they are being played for fools by a media/political circus where most actors are dancing to a covert agenda.

It's a long political way from John Kerry to George Galloway, but both are typical of a left leadership ever-so-fortunately showered with media attention. Just as were Geldof and Bono in the run-up to the G8 meeting.

No wonder we are getting nowhere in resisting the imperial machinations of the G8. No wonder we are getting nowhere campaigning for justice and equity for the colonial slaves of the world. No wonder we are scratching our heads as governments posing to 'defend our freedoms' from terrorism --are nevertheless stealthily removing those freedoms, brick by legislative brick.

So, let's cut through the smokescreen of lies and misdirection.

We know who is orchestrating the bombings which plague us. Ruthless 'terrorists' who hate our freedoms. These terrorists know no freedom themselves. The onerous demands of the lust for power have become for them their prison of shallow political theatre. And from within that prison, their shadow hates our freedoms.

It's time to clear the stage of these 'dark actors'. Before thousands more are killed in their fake terror attacks; and tens of thousands in their imperial war adventures.

It's time to do it now. Before we run out of time.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi peepes

lookin fwd to that one

feel free to use any
of my music

available for free
for everyone

latest album
'terrorist activity'

5:50 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Much appreciation for your work. I have probably been remiss in not including Kathy in my past accolades.

8:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi irishdrifter

that is pretty incredible stuff

i need a source of this picture, mate

and of course this raises questions

why edit out the boy/man by the van in the top right???

surely this lends witness corroboration to the evidence that they were actually there

if they found the lad they could get a statement

now why wouldn't they want to do that?

so was this lad on his own in the picture originally?

or did they crop him to protect him?

what about the van people???

how many are in this picture or directly related to it?

good stuff mate

9:25 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff mate,


hi ho hi ho

its off to work we go


10:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vehicle at the back looks like a hackney cab. My friends and I have all agreed its a black taxi. But this also means that a taxi driver saw them enter the station.

11:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive attempted a breif breakdown of the extra bits on the image

abouyt 1/2 way down the page

11:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh maybeee zhey vill blow up zemselves at Fort Monroe and das vill be das. I zee ver zey vill have infidels at zer training kamp - very zmart! No?

(i)we try to make it more robust and try to add in fidelity(/i)

1:29 am  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

Arrrrrgh... This upload is crawling along. However, hope it's worth it. We cover a lot in the show tonight... and there's more to come... stay tuned.

Just hasn't been time to do the articles and research over the last few weeks and also get shows out. Great to be back.

Gonna kick this upload line's ass - brb. : )

2:15 am  
Blogger FintanDunne said...

Anons Rule, that does sound like a PsyOp. All part of keeping the pressure up. Can't have the proles relaxing... they might figure it all out if they were given time.

2:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Kathy & Fintan

enjoyed the joy

a few audio quality problems
though, unfortunately

thought id let you know

had a wobble on the sound...
scratchy sound and glitches

there have been a lot of
ISPs getting bashed and loss
of connection here in the UK


3:52 am  
Blogger Kathy Mcahon said...

Hi Anon Rules, CW & all,
In this particular case it was a problem on our source audio (TG).

We managed not to get our drawers twisted :-) and as I write we are uploading a fresh version of the broadcast so it should be fine. 'tis all smooth now :-)

Thanks for the support and feedback - We're Backkkkkk :-))

Now to upload some sleep :-)

5:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope, latest Mp3 still cuts out just as Fintan (hi there Fint) says '...hundreds of years...' with eight minutes to go.

Funny but Gawab was down for 'repair' recently. And who used to use Why, the late Joe Vialls of course - or am I going off course? Of course! BTW, Fintan, you described the late Vialls as anti-semetic on one of your old broadcasts. I disagree: he was a fervent anti-Zionist, as we all are here, no?

Suprised you haven't mentioned his rather timely and curious demise...



Eric Arthur Blair.

6:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apologies, hi there Kathy, too.


6:01 am  
Blogger Kathy Mcahon said...

Actually the newer version is still uploading here :-) Still waiting to upload some sleep.


6:54 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Audio? The OTO troupe are back from the Grove!

7:59 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Fintan,

I started listening to your show tonight, and when you started slamming Alex Jones, I had to stop and drop you a line. If you really have to slam someone, slam the Rothschild’s, but you won't do that, and there aren’t many alternative internet news outlets that will. I can only think of one, but you all have something to contribute, so Love

8:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get a clue loser. You're obviously trying to ride coat-tails.

11:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Charles from London
Wondering if you knew what happened to the x men,,176-1190956,00.html

Particular efforts will be made to recruit people of Arabic appearance in addition to members of ethnic minority communities and Muslims. The unit would be expected to operate around the world as well as to counter the terrorism threat in Britain itself.

12:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you say in you're broadcast that AJ's 'job' is to get it wrong...

Do you regard him as a 'willing acomplice' or as a 'useful idiot'

It was not clear what you meant

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why all the flack for Alex Jones, Fintan? Yes he over hypes things but the terror drills are a much more important coincidence than some shoddy CCTV psyop photo. Besides the better quality version found by CW seems to clear up the so called anomalies. Reminiscent of the photo faking of the South Tower collapse BS on BFN which I've already debunked as nonsense here in previous posts.

So who is running psyop games? The new agers on BFN or or the new agers at GCN?

Answer: Both!

There are many parties interested in bringing in the NWO of New Age beyond the corporates and the elites.

Welcome to the Ministries of Truth!

6:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the infamous Luton Station CCTV image


Apart from the obvious obfuscation of 2 of the faces. Now where are those anomalies again?

6:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I count 5 potential witnesses

Man walking [extreme top right of MET photo]

Person/s in window behind 'white cap'

legs visible of person unloading 'white van'/taxi cab

Person in front [boy?]

Potential Bus/Transit driver

on this page

9:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a loyal listener/reader of your sit but I just had to make a point, after listening to your diatribe about Alex Jones. I understand how you feel about him,because I feel the same, but I was listening to the press conference thats was given on the day of the bomings and I heard Mr Powers saying they were carrying out the drills of multiple bombs going off on London transport that morning. BUT I also heard him say that this was why the emergency services were so quick to responde when the real bombs went off. I believe that MR Jones was right on this occasion. So if you keep claim he is lying then I know you are the one giving out the disinformation. Just a thought.

11:41 pm  
Blogger Rory Winter said...

Yes, folks, the Armaddon Show's beginning to move very fast indeed ...
(I really don't think that THIS source is out to disinform)...

LaRouche Warns:
Cheney's `Guns of August'
Threaten the World
July 27, 2005 (EIRNS)—This statement was issued today by the LaRouche Political Action Committee.

Lyndon LaRouche, on this Wednesday afternoon, issued an international alert, covering the period of August 2005, which is the likely timeframe for Vice President Dick Cheney, with the full collusion of the circles of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to unleash the recently exposed plans to stage a preemptive tactical nuclear strike against Iran. The danger of such a mad, Hitler-in-the-bunker action from the Cheney circles would be even further heightened, were the United States Congress to stick with its present schedule, and go into recess on July 30 until September 4. With Congress out of Washington, the Cheney-led White House would almost certainly unleash a "Guns of August" attack on Iran.

LaRouche based this assessment on a series of factors, reported to him over the recent days, beginning with the qualified report, from a former U.S. intelligence official, published in the American Conservative magazine, that Dick Cheney ordered the Strategic Command (STRATCOM) to prepare contingency plans for a conventional and tactical nuclear strike against hundreds of targets in Iran, in the event of a "new 9/11-style attack" on the United States. As EIR reported several months ago, the Bush Administration, under CONPLAN 8022, had already placed the relevant "mini-nukes" under the control of theater military commanders, as part of a new Global Strike doctrine, a doctrine originally conceived when Dick Cheney was Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush in the early 1990s.

The recent bombings in London have provided Tony Blair with his own "Reichstag fire" incident, and the full resources of the British "liberal imperial" faction can now be expected to weigh in behind the brutish Cheney circles in Washington.

The most compelling evidence of this "Guns of August" plan, LaRouche emphasized in discussions with colleagues, is the pattern of eyewitness reports of Dick Cheney's state of mind. Cheney is living out an American version of "Hitler in the bunker," lashing out at Republican Senators who have dared to resist his mad tirades, accusing anyone who fails to follow his orders—including senior members of the United States Senate—of being "traitors" and worse.

And finally, LaRouche identified a series of reports from highly qualified Congressional, military, and intelligence community sources, who have confirmed the essential features of the original American Conservative account of Cheney's Strangelove schemes for a preemptive nuclear strike on Iran. These sources have emphasized that these Iran plans are not merely military contingency studies, but represent the policy intentions of Cheney.

1:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No no, Fintan will tell you its nothing to worry about, its all part of the psyop "keeping the pressure up...".

The UK doesn't need to be "railroaded into becoming a Homeland Security State", it already is. After the gunning down of Jean Charles de Menezes by secret police with complete impunity a week ago and the rolling raids and arrests 2 days ago. It should be bloody obvious to everyone by now.

The recent spectacles in London are just the entre, preparing the public palate for the shit thats coming. So everyone will know who the cooks are and who to throw up on.

An incident like the NORTHCOM drill for August would be just what is needed for Cheney to jump on the big red button.

BTW Kosmik Knight, you left an l off the end of the link. Here's a clickable one.
Cheney's `Guns of August'

3:28 am  
Blogger Rory Winter said...

Thanks EoS for the correction. Larouche is very Ivy League and represents the establishment's concern at Bush-Cheney's insanity.

The London Bombings ARE a big Psy Ops to prepare the UK for naked, military rule where London and the rest of the country are turned into something as heavy --if not heavier-- than Belfast.

Fintan is sensitive to that 'coz he's Irish. Most Brits cannot see it because they were drugged-up by their own government propaganda a very long time.

Sad to say it, but what the Brits did in Ulster has come to roost in their own land... national karma.

5:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the 'workmen' will find time to plant some devices in the 'Mutha' Of All Parliaments for future use?

6:53 pm  
Blogger Rory Winter said...

Establishment Ivyleaguer he may be but Lyndon LaRouche is talking a lot of sense in his 'Guns of August' interview at

The only thing that'll prevent Strangelove Cheney from pushing the button now will be action from the Establishment to arrest and/or impeach him

12:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LaRouche also has a weekly audio talk show, I've only listened to this weeks, it is chilling stuff.

Silencing Cheney's Guns of August (Hitler in a Bunker 'Cheney') Download Page (hi-fi) Stream (low-fi) Stream

The fact that both the US Senate and British Parliament are on vacation now leaving just these madmen at the helm is cause for concern. At least in Dr. Strangelove the President was quite sane but even so, look how that movie ended.

4:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are some photos from within the tunnel. Not sure if they confirm the idea that the bombs were under the train or not.

London Bombing abc News Exclusive photos

There are photos out there for those that can be bothered to look.

5:13 am  
Blogger tempo dulu said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:43 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I think the tunnel walls really would be that close.

Since I was able to find these photos, there are sure to be more around and at much higher resolution. Anyway its a start.

11:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Is there anything special about the locations marked with red lines?

To me the image looks just as you'd expect for a photo taken in a dark space lit by a single flash.

12:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again those shadows are what I'd expect to see from a flash. Seems all shadows are on the surfaces behind obejects. Also the shadows always appear on the inside edge, perhaps that suggests the lens is more forward than the flash as in a SLR with a long chunky lens such as a camera someone working for the media (or paparazzi) would have.

As for the other so called anomalies, a better resolution image or a slightly different angle would be helpful.

Personally I thought the image of the hole in the floor was of most interest. A better image would be even more interesting.

These images came in a zip file called "exclusive photos london terror attacks bomb" available via P2P.

As I mentioned earlier, there are certainly a lot more out there. These may have even originated from an abc website, I haven't checked that out.

1:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wonder if anyone started thinkin, when seeing this FOX clip where they "accidently" mention mi6 as being behind the lead suspect of the london terror

they apparently took it down cause it wasnt supposed to get out, but maybe it was and they just made a move stunt to make it seem more interesting?

you can get the clip from here now

what were they trying to do exactly...and what does that: Nabbed...finally mean? on the fox link, besides the player

3:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irish the Fox article is still there

8:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Irish the Fox article is still there

8:46 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah...its total BS

check the guys say the cartoon network has more credibility on terror issues than this guy will ever have

9:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is in reference to a somewhat trivial aspect to Dunne's article, but the Fathers For Justice crew apparently meet regularly at the same hotel in the West Midlands, where they apparently plan their future stunts.

Now what I find bizarre here is that the local Controlled Media reports the FFJ meetings in advance.

Given that the FFJ team are ostensibly something of a menace, having apparently penetrated the security of both Parliament and Buckingham Palace, and having, on the face of it, humiliated the Prime Minister, the Sergeant-at-Arms office, the Royal Protection Squad, etc, isn't it just a trifle odd that the British Security State hasn't managed to penetrate and dismantle the FFJ network when we and MI5 also know that the group has pre-arranged, regular, pre-publicised meetings at a known location?

Why hasn't MI5 gotten a mole into those meetings? Why hasn't the Security State sabotaged the group's antics?

Dunne has confirmed the answer for me - Fathers For Justice are just another Tool of the Establishment.

It's noteworthy that Saint Geldof publicly affiliated himself to the FFJ cause in a Channel 4 TV documentary.

1:25 am  
Blogger War On Suckers said...

Regarding the Fox clip. Just check out the BBC Panorama documentary - London Under Attack.
It is quite obvious this is the official spin, the official cover story.

2:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did any of you read Sorcha Faal's comments on what is going on? She said that there was going to be a civil war in Israel and attacks against Iran that will pull everybody into a world war. She also said that there would be an exodus of Zionists from the US in preparation for some of the things to happen. I did not think much about it, until L. Murdock, Rupert's heir apparent, unexpectedly announced that he is leaving New York and returning to Australia. It shocked everyone.

If one has to live under tyranny, I would prefer that it not be the tyranny of a debauched half wit and his pet crony. I am so repulsed by the idea of these repulsive half-humans running anything let alone the world. Surely, somebody is going to react? Look at the Iraqis, they have nothing, but they fight against it.

7:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lyndon LaRouche is a well-known fascist and agent provocateur from the CIA/FBI. He surfaced as part of the "Cointelpro"-operation under J. Edgar Hoover against the Vietnam- and studentprotesters in the late sixties.

Cheneys plans are serious enough, but LaRouches 'warnings' are just fishing in stirred waters. Don't listen to him.

9:17 pm  
Blogger Rory Winter said...

Thanks for that, Anon. I've heard this elsewhere, too. As you observe, his comments on Cheney are still valid ... indicating Establishment concern about his and Bush's insanity?

5:29 am  

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