Friday, May 27, 2005

Iraq Resistance Grows Under Military Boot

The Pentagon war to annex Iraq as a profitable region of U.S. capital’s empire is still raging, long after the fragile pretexts for invasion have torn like tissue. The sheer brutality and colonial-style character of the occupation have unleashed a firestorm of resistance that enjoys widespread support in the Iraqi population.

War correspondents in Iraq are either “embedded”—stenographers for the military brass—or their lives are in danger. Newspaper Guild President Linda Foley said May 20 that the U.S. military is deliberately killing reporters, particularly Arab journalists, in Iraq.

The big-business media is aiding and abetting imperialist efforts to drive a wedge between Sunnis and Shias. But the insurgency is so tenacious and so strong that even some of the brass hats themselves are, well, down. Many years and many more troops are the best that even the most optimistic of the “unnamed” officials are willing to venture it would take to “stabilize” Iraq.


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