Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Biggest Central Bank Heist in History

The tip of the iceberg of the Peak Oil scam is apparent in this Asia Times article on the Iraq invasion oil price spurt:

It's all over. In broad daylight, the Americans and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cheered as the price of oil popped up from US$30 a barrel to more than $50. The world now has to shell out an additional $600 billion a year of "lucky bucks" to oil-producing countries just to stay in motion.

The rise in oil prices guarantees that the value of the US dollar will be pushed down even further, and stay down. The US strategy for using oil to finance its deficit is, of course, brilliant. The dollar-rich Asians are hung out to dry when the price of oil rises because they have to spend more of their dollars on oil.

As the price of oil goes up, extra money floods into the Gulf kingdoms. It's a sure bet that America's OPEC buddies will stash their newly found Asian lucky bucks into good old American Treasury notes. In effect, the US and its Gulf Arab allies just pulled off the biggest central-bank heist in the history of the world....
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest buyer of US Treasuries in the world is Japan. This country also has the highest saving ratio. Which means that every single saving Japanese is de-facto working for the US government. In fact a third of all US Treasuries ever printed, seat in Japan's vaults.

Petro-dollars are also converted into US Treasuries and that since the Oil boom of the late 70's. Opec could have its cake but not eat it. It was a smart move from the US to allow higher oil price against locking payment in US bank accounts. Funds either bought treasuries or where "redeemed" against structural investment projects in Arabia (schools/roads/hospitals and mainly arms). All contractors to be US companies, of course. This is post-colonialist economics. All industrial countries do it. But with commodities being priced in US dollars the bigger share of the world pie had to go to the US. Ultimately it is the small people that pays the cost, as always.

Personaly, I do not see a wider conspiracy from "Gulf Arab" to do so, they simply had no choice in the matter, but it served their rulers well,i.e. supply the oil, get a good price, stay in power with our arms, pay our companies to built your countries, get spare cash to finance lavish life style, don't rock the boat. Every single "Gulf Arab" knows that and they don't like it one bit. So please stop using these pejoratives and know that "Gulf Arabs" are not there to destroy this world with their oil. We live on the same planet and have the same aspirations as any one else or are all Americans blood thirsty war mongering demoniacs demagogs, hell bent on controlling the world and submit its population to slavery? or is it their leaders that they freely elected? We can't even say that we've elected ours, by the way. The Brits choose them for us and the US armed them. With that in mind, these computers that we are typing on to exchange these views through complex electronic networks, servers and routers sitting in nicely heated or coooled houses in the comfort of nice chairs were all paid for with debt which the poor guy is carrying on his shoulders.

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