Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The War on Pain Sufferers -another totalitarian crusade

People with long-term pain have little choice but to suffer because their doctors live under a reign of terror.

"The war on drug users and doctors is the product of a totalitarian mentality. Doctors should be able to give their best advice to patients without fear of being second-guessed by prohibition agents."

"In December, 2004 Virginia pain physician Dr. William Hurwitz was convicted on dozens of counts of drug distribution. Prosecutors and the foreman of the jury conceded that Hurwitz didn't knowingly participate in a drug trade. Proving intent -- as is required to secure a conviction in nearly every other crime -- apparently wasn't necessary. He faces life in prison." source

"Prominent Northern Virginia pain management specialist Dr. William Hurwitz was viewed as a savior by his patients, some of whom traveled hundreds of miles to see him..." more

On July 24, 2002 Dr. Benjamin Moore took his own life in Winston-Salem, NC. He had worked at a pain management clinic under investigation by the DEA. Browbeaten into a plea-bargain he was awaiting sentencing at the time of his death. more

"Dr. Moore became entangled in the vast web that is our legal system and was helpless against the power, resources, and cunning of predatory government agents. Ben started out with a vigorous defense, but repeated DEA debriefings wore him down. Dr. Benjamin Moore defied the United States Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration. He stood alone and they were legion.

Perhaps, Dr. Moore, we will some day present an annual award memorialzing you, for the bravest doctor in Pain care in America." Tribute by Dr. J.S. Hochman, National Foundation for the Treatment of Pain


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