Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Media Hoax Attempt with Fake Letter to Blair

There has been what looks like a determined effort to muddy the waters over the advice from UK Attorney General Lord Goldsmith to Tony Blair.

Media outlets were sent a credible-looking copy of a memo from Goldsmith to the prime minister, dated just just six days before Lord Goldsmith sent his confidential advice on the legality of war to Mr Blair on March 7 2003. The forged memo appeared to show the Attorney telling Tony Blair that military action may well turn out to be illegal.

Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has asked the police to investigate the forged document.

The fake memo states that the case for Iraq did not meet the criteria, which would enable a foreign power to invade the sovereign country. "It is important that the implications are understood before proceeding with our American partners in their doctrine for regime-change," the text, purportedly by Goldsmith, read. "I will be justifying what in essence may well turn out to be an illegal war."

"However, this is why it is necessary to grey the lines as much as possible," it added. The text also hinted that Blair and his attorney general would use the Iraq conflict to "set a precedent for planned future conflicts that have been discussed, like Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia."

Sources: [Scotsman] [Pak Tribune]


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