Monday, May 09, 2005

America's Other Trade Deficit

America has a massive environmental trade deficit and it's growing wider every day.

Honey bees are being wiped out by the parasitic varroa mite that originates from China that was first identified in 1986. Honey bees are crucial to pollinating many other crops.

Each day countless flights, trucks and vessels are transporting countless tons of plastics treated with dangerous toxic chemicals. Scientists are finding that these chemicals invade our bodies through simple touch, inhalation or when they leach into the water after they are thrown away.

As our global economy churns out and distributes more and more products at a blinding pace, plastics are being used with increasing frequency. The documentary film 'Our Synthetic Sea' presents evidence that plastic particles out number plankton in the ocean.

The varroa mite and these seemingly disconnected mounds of toxic consumer goods have a lot in common. They are the inevitable invasive byproducts of our central role in the increasingly global economy. They are the costs of our rapidly widening environmental trade deficit...


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