Saturday, April 02, 2005

Good Cop, Sad Cop Gets Booted

"Meet former King County Sheriff's Deputy Angela Holland. She was a great street cop with numerous commendations and a spotless record. But she was mildly bipolar, so they fired her.

Late last June, Holland tossed some paperwork in the sheriff's office internal mail to request time off because she had bipolar disorder and was under a doctor's care. Her doctor had made a change in her medication, and Holland needed to be able to take some extra days, as allowed under federal law, should the switch prove troublesome.

"I did the right thing, and I know it," she says.

"Days later, on July 6, her gun and badge were taken away. She was fired last November after more than six years on the force. King County Sheriff Susan Rahr says she had to protect the public. But from what?


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