Friday, April 01, 2005

Cardinal Ratzinger Waits In The Wings

"Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is Pope John Paul II’s sidekick, his confidante and his enforcer. But when the fading Polish prelate meets his maker in the not-too-distant future, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger may also be next in line to become the world’s top Roman Catholic, that should give us all pause, Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

"Currently the suave, white-haired German Cardinal runs the Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This august organization is occasionally referred to as the Holy Office but it is perhaps best known by an older name – the Inquisition. You history buffs will remember the Inquisition: those Catholic zealots who in the Middle Ages couldn’t abide apostates and doubters of the One True Faith. They perfected the use of thumbscrews and the rack to force Jews, Muslims and other dissenters to adopt the Vatican’s more ‘accurate’ understanding of Christianity....


Anonymous Doogie said...

Regarding the Pope;

it was being reported a couple of days ago that "newly opened STASI files" showed that the KGB "ordered the assassination attempt [on PJP II, in 1981], which was carried out by the Bulgarian secret service."

Then yesterday, a different story:
" East Germany's notorious Stasi secret police was not involved in Turkish militant Mehmet Ali Agca's 1981 attempt to kill Pope John Paul II, an official in Germany said on Thursday.

Agca made this and other claims in an interview with La Repubblica newspaper published on Thursday in which he also claimed he had had accomplices within the Vatican.

Christian Booss, spokesman for the Stasi Documents Centre in Berlin, said there was no documentary evidence to support the claim by Agca.

"We have absolutely no knowledge or evidence of any link between the East German secret police and the attempt on the pope's life," Booss said.

"The documents we have on
file also do not support claims of any involvement by either Bulgarian secret agents or the Soviet KGB
", he said.

Agca, who was pardoned in Italy in 2000 but jailed in Turkey on his return over a killing prior to the papal assassination bid, said in the newspaper interview: "The devil is also behind the walls of the Vatican."

He continued: "The Vatican bears responsibility for the attack on the pope. Without the help of some priests and cardinals I could not have done it." "

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