Saturday, April 02, 2005

Resistance April Fool Con Led to Iraq Raid?

The British Army in Iraq has apologised for raiding the Basra home of prominent MP Mansour Abdulrazzaq Mansour, one of the British Army's closest allies in the south of the country.

'They smashed the windows of the cars parked in the garage, smashed the computer to the ground and took $260,000 from the house,' said Mr Mansour, who comes from one of southern Iraq's wealthiest families. 'The reason for the violation of my immunity has not been explained and my money has not been returned. I demand compensation.' He said his children were also detained and had been left scarred by the experience.

An Army spokesman blamed an intelligence blunder for the raid. 'We made a mistake, we apologise for it and we will do our best to make sure something like this does not happen again.' All 11 members of Mr Mansour's family have been released.

Maybe the Army's intelligence tipoff was actually a resistance-inspired April Fool's joke on Mansour.


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