Monday, March 28, 2005

US-Funded Iraqi TV Show Whips Up Lynch Mobs

This is classic stuff from the PsyOp manual. Sickening, of course:
"Terror in the Hands of Justice," a series that is running twice a day on Al Iraqiya, the state-controlled television financed by the U.S., and operated under a contract to a major Republican party contributor. This is one of the most appalling TV shows one could possibly imagine, for it blatantly encourages lynch-mob justice and individual acts of revenge against alleged "terrorists"--who are... shown on this Iraqi TV show in videotapes mouthing confessions" -but one does not know whether torture has been used to extract the "confessions" or not- certainly some of those making the alleged admissions bore clearly visible traces of physical violence on their faces in the extracts broadcast by France2."


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