Friday, March 04, 2005

Republicans Make Bankruptcy Bill Even More Loathsome

"Gross! How to take a horrible bill and make it genuinely loathsome. Look what they are doing with the bankruptcy bill."

"The bankruptcy bill was a gift to big bankers and credit card companies to begin with, in return for copious showers of campaign contributions to our very own elected representatives in Congress. Same old, same old. Democrats in the Senate tried to put an amendment on this bill exempting military personnel, and the Republicans voted it down and added loopholes for the rich."


Anonymous Reynard T. Fox said...

I keep hoping, against great odds, that the sheep who voted in these jackals against their better interests will recognize this for the giant game of jenga it is. Please let it be the more they pull out from under us, the more likely the repugs will topple.

7:45 am  

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