Friday, March 04, 2005

Progressive Authors Sleeping with the Enemy

"I've got an invitation for all progressive authors out there. How about putting your money and ideas where your mouths are?"

"I'd like to ask Amy Goodman why she published her last book...with Disney-owned Hyperion. Michael Moore: What possessed you to make money for Rupert Murdoch by publishing Stupid White Men, with ReganBooks/HarperCollins, then AOL/Time Warner with Dude! Where's My Country?, before jumping to a third corporate ship, Viacom's Simon & Schuster, to publish your latest offering, Will They Ever Trust Us Again?"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess they do it because only large publishers like that can distribute their books widely enough. Moore's books, for example, are available in just aobut every book store in the English-speaking world. The same can't be said for, say, Michael Parenti's books, which are as rare as hen's teeth.

3:54 am  
Anonymous Reynard T. Fox said...

It is urgent we break the stranglehold corporations have on our society and our lines of communication. If it means going to vanity presses, print-on-demand, or distributing e-books and pdfs, so be it. People will argue that it will make it harder for people in remote places to obtain materials, but Wal-Marts and their ilk censor their selections, anyway. The trick will be to get more computers with net connections in more hands.

7:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'If it means going to vanity presses, print-on-demand, or distributing e-books and pdfs, so be it.'

Couldn't someone who really wanted to suppress such a book buy up all available copies? That pretty much leaves online publication as the only real option.

9:41 am  
Blogger photon said...

michael moore(covertly)shills for the neocons under the guise of liberalism. look at the underlying messages of his two recent films - bowling for columbine - message: get guns out of the US constitution, and out of the hands of citizens [i do not advocate guns but its important to understand the motivations of moore] also there is plenty of evidience to suggest that Columbine was a covert operation run (as was the australian massacre by martin bryant and the dunblane horrors among many around the world ) by agencies linked to britain's tavistock institute - to scare the populace into accepting disarmament of society. (a neccesary element of future police-state control - ie: no resistance) Farenheit 911 pushed heavily on the idea of saudi-bush links and planting anti-saudi/muslim ideas and links to 911. not a hint of israel in Farenheit 911. Farenheit 911 was exec produced by harvey weinstein (zionist sympathiser). re amy goodman and "democracy now" [left-gatekeepers]- that site is firmly entrenched in the neocon camp as major funding comes from dubious sources linked to the administration such as the ford foundation (and/or similar)

12:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy Goodman is probably the most guilty of this group. As an "anti-big media" activist, it's ironic that both Disney and Time Warner benefit whenever her "Embed the Media" tour rolls into town. Disney owns her publisher, Hyperion, and Time Warner has a distribution deal with Hyperion's book tours. Goodman also hasn't been very good at disclosing the Disney tie in opinion pieces. That is kind of like if Michael Moore had had a financial deal with GM when he was distributing "Roger and Me." (he didn't, of course).

6:03 pm  

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