Friday, August 26, 2005

Giving Conspiracy Theory a Bad Name

WhatReally is plugging fellow CIA Fake,, (also which claims to have evidence that will "totally destroy the Police's official story regarding the supposed 7/7 London Bombers - if circulated widely enough"

Take a good look at the way the CIA Fakes operate.

The website has a train timetable showing the cancellation of the 7:40 Luton-London train that morning. Rivero's comments:
"The London Police claim the bombers were photographed at the Luton station, then rode the 7:40 train to King's Cross, where they were photographed again. But according to the actual train timetable, the 7:40 train was cancelled that day and even had it not been cancelled, would not have arrived in time for the men to be photographed at King's Cross at 8:26." [Source]
Fair enough, but that website has another webpage which goes far beyond that claim:
"ON 7/7 THERE WERE NO TRAINS FROM LUTON UNTIL 8.03 AM" [Source] [Archived]
Just a second. The website also has an official email response from rail operator Thameslink, stating that six trains left well before 8.a.m. They were the 07.04, 07.08, 07.16, 07.20, 07.24, and 07.30. Was it six trains or none?

Get it? Rivero links to a page with the modest claim --but the same site makes wilder contradictory claims elsewhere.

And even the modest claim endorsed by Rivero is not concusive. Thameslink said that only the 7:40 had been cancelled. The site claims that the 7:30 also did not run.

Even if that were true, the police could argue that the four alleged bombers must have caught the 7:24. After all, the fake CCTV image shows them entering the Luton station seconds before 7:22. That doesn't "totally destroy" the police claims.

Furthermore, it's curious that these pages do not question the authenticity of the Luton CCTV image, nor do they question whether the police actually have their claimed CCTV photos from King's Cross. And Rivero also accepts the Luton CCTV image is for real.

What is going on here is that the pot is being deliberately spoiled. These claims have been emailed to all mainstream media outlets in the U.K., and the site encourages others to do the same. Here's part of their 'lunatic' letter to the media:
"Either damn your controllers and print it, or E Mail one of your payment controllers... and ask for more than the £50,000 you get tax free per year for not printing the truth, because this story is quite obviously worth much more than that. Illuminate the world. Or should that be Illuminati the world."
Imagine you are a reasonable journalist and you get that that email. Now that's what I call giving conspiracy theory a bad name. And there's a lot of it about.


Finally, there is one grimly ironic feature of all this. Rivero continually points out how the Bush administration has a policy of repeating lies enough times until people unconsciously believe them. Yet he is doing exactly the same.

In a comment the previous day on claims that alleged bus bomber, Hasib Hussain, tried to call his accomplices around 9am, Rivero says that Hasib:
"might be trying to call his friends to see if they were okay, and getting no answer, start to realize that something was funny with the "fake" bombs they had been hired to carry for the "terror drill". [Source]
This line is a half-baked theory. All it would take is one of the four to have mentioned to anyone that he had been hired for a "terror drill" and we would have had family members screaming about it. No intelligence operation takes those kind of risks. It's a laughable theory to advance, even more so because the Alex Jones hype about a 1,000 person "teror drill" that morning has been debunked.

Rivero knows that the Cambridge News printed a survivor's account describing a bomb under the train. He linked to that story after we broke news of it. With bombs under the train, why would the real perpetrators need the four alleged bombers?

No. The simplest way to do this was the scenario we outlined: the four were intercepted and then killed elsewhere by means of a similar bomb. After the underfloor train bombs exploded, their remains were later placed among other remains legitimately recovered from the blast sites.

That's why the train timetables issue is being promoted. That's why the "terror drill" lie is repeated again and again by the CIA Fakes.

To throw you off the trail with half-baked theories.

While giving conspiracy theory a bad name.