Thursday, July 14, 2005

London Suicide Bombs? - A Muslim Responds

In response to:
Glaring Flaw in London Suicide Bombs Tale [read]
by Fintan Dunne, 7/14/05
By Ahmad, on BreakForNews Blog

The official story about London suicide bombers stinks big time. Even more so as we look at these people's background.

To be a teacher to special needs children requires a special dedication to human beings and their lives. To have a wife pregnant with another child means that you have a lot to look forward to. To be a dedicated cricket or football player with a sport's degree under your belt means that you have a passion for physical achievement and team play.

To go on a sophisticated mission in such an unsophisticated manner, as you said, travelling as a group, presumably each with his own bomb in his rucksack - as well as carrying all types of identity markers, like credit cards and mobile phones, flies in the face of consistency.

For the prime minister to go on TV barely two hours after the attacks, when nobody new how things really happened; with the police saying that they had no knowledge of any risk; and to blame Muslims in front of the whole world, is more like propaganda than what a responsible head of government would want to do.

At least before pronouncing on Muslims and Islam he could have waited for a few days until the inquiry became clearer.

So it all stinks as much as 911 stinks -when just a few hours after the attacks, a car was retrieved in Boston airport with copies of the Qur'an and flight manuals etc.


I feel very deeply for the families of these men being accused. So far, some of their relatives have come out with profound shock and dismay that their children could have done such a thing. One never knows what goes into a human being's head, but their families simply cannot imagine their boys being anywhere near thinking doing such a thing.

In fact, it transpires that a couple of those men were arrested a few months ago on petty offences, one was shoplifting, and released on the spot. Hardly your hardened "jihadist" character.

Instead we are now into full fling theological analysis of the meanings of the Qur'an in the British press and media, where anyone and his dog can come to profess on Islam and quote from the holy book whatever suits their purpose.

This is a very sad time for us Muslims. Our relatives abroad are being slaughtered by, should I say "Christian" fanatics and their armies; our lands are occupied and being ruined; our hopes of building normal lives, whether in the West or in the East are being shattered.

It seems to me that there is a long term under-current of trying to destroy our children's belief in the faith of Islam, through:
a) the destruction of our lands.
b) the constant humiliation of defeat, be it militarily, economically or argumentatively.
c) the constant presentation of our religion as one of hate, violence, backwardness, suicide etc.
And right now, this strategy is becoming quite successful. Before long, we might even get our own Muslim "representative" offering to have every Muslim in the country wear an identification badge and spy on each other.

Yes, we have a few, so very few, rotten apples. But those are constantly being paraded in front of the British media who relish in giving them interview and a plateform to express their stupidity and ignorance.

It's all a bloody propaganda, leading exactly where it is meant to.

An awful contemplation.
In response to:
Glaring Flaw in London Suicide Bombs Tale [read]
by Fintan Dunne, 7/14/05


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fintan, are you taking the wind out of our sails thru the chaos of the Hegelian dialectic?

How can we have a clash of civilizations on the grand chessboard if most of the Muslims & Jews to whom you introduce us may be good guys?

If people like you were around before World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War, then you may even have exposed Pearl Harbor & Hitler, the Gulf of Tonkin incident & Body Counts, and godless Communism & Capitalism for what they were.

If we can't have real enemies, then maybe we can at least have real enemas. Life is butt a Fleeting moment. Do you really want to eliminate that too?

As per the old prayer, "Our Father who art in Heaven, give us this day our daily enemy (sp.)..." This has been my prayer ever since 1984.

Respectfully submitted, Winston Smith (from the Farm -- which I still haven't bought)

2:33 am  

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