Friday, July 22, 2005

Heads-up: Ripoff Alert

Brief note. If we incorporate the work of others into our WagNews articles, we link/credit the original. Not everybody does. Some even do the reverse. Dude at nascarblue.blogspot is reprinting our articles. Wouldn't mind so much that he is ripping us -but he is dissing Nico Haupt also.

In our article 'Giuliani Linked to London Terror Drill Boss', we reported how:
"Meanwhile the competent Nico just found exactly how well connected is Mr. Power."
But in nascarblue's version of the article, he claims:
"Meanwhile I've just found out exactly how well connected is Mr. Power."
Naughty, naughty. And it doesn't end there. Even the pedophilia-stories-obsessed Jeff Wells at rigorousintuition has run a version of our 'Greenspan Fingerprint Found on London Bombs', saying that "Fintan Dunne of has also picked up the story."

Not really "also," dude. More like two days earlier.

Let's be careful out there.


Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks for speaking up about shameless activity again, Fintan.

3:52 am  

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