Friday, July 15, 2005

Dangerous Niggers, Poor Niggers, London Bombs

by Fintan Dunne, Editor


This War on Terror is easy to figure, if you understand that there are only two types of people in the world.

One type used to be called the White- Anglo- Saxon- Protestants. Today these WASPs would be better renamed WAACCs: White- Anglo- American- Consumer- Capitalists.

It's a Mindset.

But, you don't have to be White, British, or American to belong. You can be Australian or Russian -as long as you are a Consumer Capitalist. It's an equal-opportunity Death Cult.

The other type of people in the world, as seen through the TV-eye lens of the WAACCs mindset -are Niggers. And Niggers come in two varieties : Dangerous Niggers and Poor Niggers. You can confirm this by tracking back to the roots of the worldview. Ask any black American.

WASPs saw only two types of Nigger.

Poor Niggers -who could be looked down upon because they were poor; who could be exploited -then scapegoated as a cover; who could be robbed of their human birthright -then despised by the shadowed mind of the thieving WASP culture.

And Dangerous Niggers.

These were the shadow compliment of the Poor Nigger. Emerging inevitably from the dark recesses of the WASP mind, the Dangerous Nigger haunts the psyche of the WASP like the guilty conscience it represents. The Dangerous Nigger gives shape to the inevitable retribution feared by those who steal from the people of God.

Asking only:

Is this a Dangerous Nigger or a Poor Nigger?
Is he/she a Vengance or a Victim?
Is this a Lynching or a Slave Market?


Time moved on... and WASPs became White-Ang-Amer-Consum-Caps.

And there came a day when the Caesars of the WAACC met in conclave to privately Elect a New World Order. And it came to pass that they were called the Great-Ate-est (G8) - and the G8 had many heads.

And in their glorious magnigicance, the G8 were considering supplications from the peasants who only serve. The unruly rabble were led by the unkempt, unwashed ones called Bob'n Bono.

"Alms," cried they. "Alms for Pity's Sake, for the Poor Niggers."

And in their glorious magnigicance, the G8 were touched. Deeply touched. And in their glorious magnigicance, they spake thus:

"Spare us your unruly submissions, for We have deemed that verily there may well be some Alms for the Poor Niggers* (*Terms and Conditions Apply)."

And thus saying, the Great-Ate-est retired to their Holy of Holies, the Glen of the Eagles, to commune with the Gods on behalf of Man.

And the supplicants knelt. And a hush descended on the Peoples of Earth.

When Lo! from the depths of the Underground there came a blast of Revolution.

It was... No it couldn't be.. But it WAS !

The Dangerous Niggers had attacked.


The Great-Ate-est came quickly from their conclave. When they emerged, mightily angered were they.

"Who is it who dares disturb US from communion with the Gods?", they thundered.

Then came the SecuriMedia forth and intoned: "It is the Dangerous Niggers of which we have often warned, Sires."

For that is what they had been ordered to say in advance.

"They have roused our Anger," rumbled the Great-Ate-est. "Death to Dangerous Niggers," they intoned as One.

So, the SecuriMedia answered the call and did broadcast it to the world. "Death to Dangerous Niggers. The Lynchpin of our Safety" they chorused.

"But what of the Alms?", pleaded the Bob'n Bono.

"Trouble us not with Alms at this time", scorned the Great-Ate-est. "Least you too feel our Wrath."


And so the rabble slunk away, cowed by the might of the Great-Ate-est. And the people hid in the TV-eye and awaited the slaughter of the Dangerous Niggers. And they felt safer, knowing the anger of the Great-Ate-est would fall elsewhere.

They offered their identities to the Great-Ate-est as a supplication. The Great-ate-est took all their identities and ate them. And they were truly the Great-ate-est.


Inside the Holies of Holies, G8 Ras Putin turned to the others and he smiled a slow smile.

"Dangerous Niggers...," he grinned. "Who was it really?"

"US, as usual," replied the G8 they call the Tone. "So that we may divide and rule both the Dangerous Niggers and the Poor Niggers -in one fell PsyOp."

As in PsyOp all are born.


Later, in the lands of the Poor Niggers, another poor Nigger was born, to suffer the relentless slavery of the Great-Ate-est. Born with no future.

And in the lands of the Dangerous Niggers, another Dangerous Nigger was born, to suffer the retribution of the Grate-Ate-est. Born with no eyes.


There are only two types of people in the world.

One type are called the White-Anglo-American-Consumer-Capitalists. It's a Mindset.

It's an equal-opportunity Death Cult.

It's the War on Terror.

And You!

Are one....




Blogger 33_hertz said...

Amen, brother.

9:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I have been saying for a long time, there is only one solution to the problems about which you speak so eloquently: EAT THE POOR!

Those ne'er-do-wells, such as Buckminster Fuller and Barry Commoner, who quasi-blog dissent on my web page, are just wrong, simply wrong!

Thank you for your support...

7:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just convinced that we all have to emerge from this pathetic state. There should be no room for these present ruling bastards, they need to be stopped. How can they be stopped when we have given our whole life to this present system - we have designed our own demise. We need to unhook from the feeding tube of senility, and put these monsters on the run - it's the only way.

3:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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