Monday, May 30, 2005

'Think Again' - French Tell EUro-Crats

(By Brian Walker) - The rejction of the European Constitution by French voters will send French vote will send shockwaves through Europe. The outcome was a decisive 'Non' by 56% in a 70% poll in the national referendum.

Fearing to speak out ahead of a Dutch vote on Wednesday, European Union leaders were stalling on facing up to the implication that the constitutional treaty is almost certainly dead. Polls in Holland predict a 60% 'no'.

The decision is also a snub to French party leaders -most of whom had supported supported the constitution.
The level of debate was high and a million copies of the constitution were sold.

The British Conservative Foreign Affairs spokesman Liam Fox said: 'It sounds like the people of France have done a favour to all the rest of the people of Europe. 'They've decided that they want reform, they've decided that they want politicians to think again.'


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