Friday, April 08, 2005

What's up with Blogger? (Tech media awakes)

Finally the technical press wakes up -and realizes that Blogger has big problems.

You heard about it here over a week ago. Which means that despite any blog posting problems we can still beat to a story by a week at least.

See our coverage March 30, 2005:
'Blogger' Is Critical -Now on Life Support

The meltdown began over the weekend of 26-28th March, as response times plummeted for new blog entry publishing attempts. Huge lags opened up between publishing posts and seeing them appear on blogs. Some bloggers entirely lost entries they were posting. Even the response seen by the general public displaying blogs fell noticably....
Now, here's on April 7, 2005:
What's up with Blogger, the institution that is eponymous with
the media phenomenon it helped spawn?

Lately, it seems like almost every time you tune into your favorite Blogger-hosted blog to catch up on the latest gossip, meme, political diatribe or cybersnark, you find that the site is frozen in time. Or, there are multiple posts with identical content. Since Blogger, which is owned and operated by that sleek geek machine, Google, is a lot like a public utility, when it goes down, so do the lights on a large swatch of the blogosphere.

The result: a lot of irate netizens.

"This has been the worst week of blogging since I started," complained Digby,
who ruminates on politics.....
Oh... and yeah, I'm having problems blogging today.

It was better most of this week up until yesterday. But, I suppose once-dependable Blogger is now like the weather: who knows what next week will bring.

Some 'conspiracy theorists' think blogging is being technologically undermined to slow it's rapid rise to media equivalence.

Gosh! Perish the thought.


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