Tuesday, April 05, 2005

50 Dangerous Pesticides Found in Food

" More than 50 dangerous pesticides contaminate Britain's food, official tests reveal. All have been found to be poisonous or are suspected of causing cancer or having 'gender bender' effects by international regulatory bodies.

" The tests found 80 pesticides in food ranging from apples to aubergines, butter to bread, and chocolate to chicken nuggets. The survey concluded that 52 of these 'have been designated by international authorities as having harmful effects on health'. These included 33 identified by the World Health Organisation as acutely toxic, and 28 listed by the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer, the European Commission and the US Environmental Protection Agency as suspected carcinogens.

" Another 12 are suspected by a range of international authorities of disrupting the hormone system, causing 'gender bender' effects, cancers and reproductive disorders.


Blogger *Oidua said...

What a mess our foods have become when a tomato now has to be called an 'organic' tomato and a modified tomato is now called a tomato. Think i should get an allotment and grow me own at least that way i can have some faith in what i put into my mouth.

11:21 am  

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