Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bush: 'I did NOT have sex with that Memo'

Bush and Blair adress the Downing Street Memo at press conference:

PRIME MINISTER BLAIR: "Well, I can respond to that very easily. No, the facts were not being fixed in any shape or form at all. And let me remind you that that memorandum was written before we then went to the United Nations. Now, no one knows more intimately the discussions that we were conducting as two countries at the time than me. And the fact is we decided to go to the United Nations and went through that process, which resulted in the November 2002 United Nations resolution, to give a final chance to Saddam Hussein to comply with international law. He didn't do so. And that was the reason why we had to take military action."

PRESIDENT BUSH: "And somebody said, well, you know, we had made up our mind to go to use military force to deal with Saddam. There's nothing farther from the truth. My conversation with the Prime Minister was, how could we do this peacefully, what could we do. And this meeting, evidently, that took place in London happened before we even went to the United Nations -- or I went to the United Nations. And so we worked hard to see if we could figure out how to do this peacefully, take a -- put a united front up to Saddam Hussein, and say, the world speaks, and he ignored the world... He made the decision."

truthpusher comments:

Bush's denial about having mind made up about invading iraq is the equivalent of this:

"I did not have sex with that woman!"

And like his predecessor, those words -- that quote from today's news conference -- will be played over and over and over one day, just like the media did to Clinton when the news was "Clinton lied to the American people"

George W Bush on June 7th 2005: "And somebody said, well, you know, we had made up our mind to go to use military force to deal with Saddam. There's nothing farther from the truth.

Memorize it folks, those are famous last words.


Anonymous gus mahler said...

I remember reading several articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer in the months leading up to the invasion that cited anonymous sources in the intelligence community. According to these sources, the Bush administration - the president, Cheney, Powell, Rice, et al, were unhappy with the intelligence being given them by the CIA, and were basing their decisions on intel provided by cronies like Ahmed Chalabi and others. They were determined to invade this country come hell or high water. For them to say otherwise is an egregious afront to all informed people, and another example out of many, of their utter contempt for international law. These people are a disgrace.

7:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given that these are the people who at the very least permitted 9/11/2001 to take place...you can't exactly say that they care much about doing the right thing...

8:30 pm  

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