Friday, June 10, 2005

Adieu to the Evil EU

by Ilana Mercer
European voters have given pause to the collectivist EU superstate's illiberal American supporters, the most notorious of whom are concentrated in the Bush State Department and National Security Council.

The EU endeavors to herd Europeans by stealth into a supranational European State and… block off all the exits. This is what the rejectionists, including the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, have defeated… for now.

The sovereignty of European non-members is already constrained by the EU's burgeoning jurisdiction. But if ever its constitution goes into effect, the EU will assume unlimited powers – its laws usurping all laws enacted by national parliaments – and will concentrate these in a few unelected, grubby hands. (The Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Constitution, which will subsume the Charter, have been drafted without the consent of the people they will irrevocably bind.)

The "harmonization of judicial practices," warns Bill Jamieson, will see the introduction of an "EU-wide arrest warrant … which will allow extradition from one country to the other for offenses such as 'xenophobia.'" Habeas corpus is also on the new constitution's chopping block. The aim is to allow arrests without charges or due process (ring a bell?). All in all, new Charter-minted economic, social, and cultural "rights" will expand the superstate's policing and prosecutorial powers.

What unites the "No" camp, from socialists to right-wingers, is the recognition that the EU would hasten a loss of sovereignty and national identity. Their passions may well be shared by "Yes" voters: nations that ratified the EU were denied a referendum – their "representatives" in parliament sold them into statism without giving them a say.

All in all, Europeans seem to grasp what Americans refuse to. Liberty is associated with a dispersion of political power, never its concentration and centralization....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "cheese-eating surrender monkeys"? WHAT the hell are you talking about?

11:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then FRENCH, numbnuts!

3:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

THE FRENCH, numbnuts

3:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you finished yet?

8:06 pm  
Anonymous Ma Joad said...

Forget about the E.U. - I'm still giddy with exitement over all the benefits of NAFTA. In fact, I have a generous unemployment check I am going to cash Monday morning! Come on CAFTA! Come on baby! Who's your daddy ??!!

God bless the World Trade Orginazation....those folks love all the world.

10:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Went in to get my favorite yohimbe in a swedish health food/herb store. They told me they were no longer allowed to sell it, thanks to the edict by the EU saying it was too unsafe. Never mind the fact that there's never been a single death attributed to yohimbe. In the meantime, its more lethal pharmaceutical - Viagara - kills many people and just the other day, there was a major report that Viagara has also been causing blindness in many men. So with an EU, the pharmaceutical slime only has to bribe a few people to get their rotten monopolies in place. FUCK THE EU. MAY IT GO STRAIGHT TO HELL.

5:03 pm  

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