Thursday, May 12, 2005

Seymour Hersh Pushing Iraq 'Civil War' Propaganda

"I don't know, when do you describe what's going on as a civil war? I don't know. When is somebody going to say that? But if it's not a civil war, it's very close. And I don't know -- I can’t see an end game." - Seymour Hersh on Democracy Now!
by Fintan Dunne, Editor

Seymour Hersh is clearly far worse that merely stupid. It not just a case of his 'intel' sources feeding him 'bs' -though it is in part precisely that. But nobody is this stupid. How can Hersh possibly cast Iraq as a civil war?

It's clearly a multi-ethnic Shia-Sunni resistance. Their targets are US and Iraqi security forces.

Alongside this legitimate resistance is a black-ops 'Al-Qaida' outfit who are bombing both Shia and Sunni civillian targets -trying muddy the waters with the 'civil war' spin. Ask the real resistance about this. They know well who is behind the 'Al-Qaida' crew. And in the streets of Iraq there is talk of the need for Shia-Sunni unity in it's face.

Ranged against the resistance is the US. Backing not only their own and Iraqi armed forces, but also the security police, torturers, prison, the black-ops people, the mercenaries and the corporate security forces.

Despite Hersh's 'civil war' spin, he admits the following in the same interview: [our emphasis]
"In the last year, is we have recreated the Iraqi Mukhabarat. This is the heavy-hitting secret police that Saddam ran. We have... put them through a little acid test, made them vow that their allegiance – to what? – I guess, to America, or they're no longer Saddamites.

In any case, this is our main force right now. This is the force that Allawi controls. This is a force, the former, you know, whatever the guys, whatever you want to call them, the former roughest guys that Saddam had are now working for us. They're our most prominent security force."
How can it be a civil war if one side is a foreign imperial power?
Go figger. As to Hersh... Nobody is this stupid.


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