Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Immigration groups denounce Real ID Law

(Reuters) - New controls on foreign-born people in the United States, including tougher rules to obtain drivers' licenses, will fail to improve domestic security and will erode the rights of legal immigrants, immigration groups said on Wednesday.

The new immigration and identification rules, called 'Real ID,' will make it easier to deport illegal immigrants, will require more proof of persecution for those seeking asylum, and will in effect turn state-issued drivers' licenses into a national identification card, the groups said....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am I the only fucking person in the world who saw the fake grenade scare and the small plane-terror threat to Washington DC as staged events to suppress a public outcry over the REAL ID legislation that has just been signed by the CHIMP? You are all fucking neutered sheep and deserve everything that is being shoved down your throats!

10:50 pm  
Anonymous Take the Power Back said...

No I believe many people noticed the use of the same methodogy but strangely most people still seem to be asleep, distracted or unconcerned.

Fucking scary!

1:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange that those men the people put into congress and the senate are working against the country.

Did the 9/11 warning not to oppose changes frighten them so bad?

Spectator citizens did not become this way in the short 5-6 years of the Bush facism.

The time has come for Americans to cleanse the oligarch. The longer you wait the more bloody it will be.

1:11 pm  

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