Friday, May 13, 2005

Hispanics Got 60% of New US Service Jobs

More Phony Jobs Hype by Paul Craig Roberts

Despite the hyping of 274,000 new April payroll jobs as evidence of the health of the US economy, an examination of the details of the new jobs puts a different view on the matter: the outsourced US economy can create jobs only in domestic nontradable services.

Of the 274,000 April jobs, 211,000 of these were in the service sector -mostly in restaurants, bars, construction and the wholesale and retail trade. Americans regard themselves as 'the world's only superpower,' but the pattern of American job growth in the 21st century is that of a third world economy.

Not only is the US economy creating third world jobs, it is creating the jobs for Hispanic immigrants. Hispanics, who comprise only 13 percent of the work force are gaining 60 percent of the new service jobs.

The US economy has ceased to create jobs in high tech sectors and in export and import-competitive sectors. Offshore outsourcing of manufacturing and of engineering and professional services is dismantling the ladders of upward mobility that made the American Dream possible.
WagNews: If this doesn't get the alarm bells working -nothing will. The issue is not one of race. It simply highlights the new job frontier for Americans -both Hispanic and non-Hispanic: exactly the kind of low paid work predicted by Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's Secretary of Labour.

The corporate-funded U.S. social strategists envision a techno-industrial society where so-called 'production servers' and 'in-person servers' are a bottom rung -not required to think. These will comprise the vast bulk of the workforce. Above them, a wealthy corporate and governmental techno-bureaucratic elite.

When most US citizens find their incomes falling towards a level equivalent to the lowest rung around the rest of the world, there will be a rude awakeening -too late.

Ordinary Americans need to challenge this dumbed-down future being charted for them. Need to engage with dismantling the Gov-Corporate monopolies. Need to burn non-productive dead wood like the Pharma sector and the bureaucracies. Need to fight for reform which frees the creative power of America to reinvent itself as a post-global trade, post-internet economy.

And they need to do this now.


Blogger William O said...

Absolutely f'n right!
Welcome, my son, welcome... to the machine.

3:55 pm  
Blogger oneeyeclosed said...

arise o ye sons of liberty
and join in common cause-defeat the slavemasters-revoke their corp charters
the slavemasters will be defeated
by revoking their propertyownership
ability----and the profit they reap
when slaves grow to such majority status and outnumber the owners
on a global scale....they can
subtly sabotage slaveowning
by making it a liability.
the slave is the most valuable unit
slaves unite globally-wait for the key moment and
kick the slaveowner off the planet

3:13 am  

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