Thursday, May 05, 2005

Exit polls say Labour Majority Slashed to 66

(Guardian UK)

A Mori/NOP poll of voters who had cast their ballots gave Labour 37% of the vote with the Tories on 33%. This would translate into 356 Labour seats, an overall majority of 66.

The Liberal Democrats were in third place on 21%. It represents an improvement on their 18.3% share of the vote in 2001 but is worse than the party hoped for and may only see two more MPs returned to parliament than it returned four years ago.

A Guardian/ICM opinion poll this morning predicted that Labour would win the election with a majority of perhaps more than 100. It gave Labour 38%, the Tories 32%, and the Liberal Democrats 22% but forecast the 130 majority Labour could expect with these figures could be cut to as low as 90 by activity in the marginal constituencies.

Labour won the 2001 election with a 165 majority.


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