Sunday, May 15, 2005

Developing World Still Under Global Dimming

Measurements of the sunlight reaching the Earth's surface show that between about 1960 and 1990 the Earth experienced a decline of between 4 and 6 per cent in the amount of sunlight reaching the ground. It became known as 'global dimming'. Last week this was confirmed in a study showing that global dimming has indeed come to an end and that we have now entered a period of 'global brightening'. Over the past decade the days have brightened by about 4 per cent.

The most obvious explanation is that the Sun is going through a cycle of higher activity which is throwing more solar radiation our way. Others think that clouds could provide the answer, while some suggested that the answer lies in the amount of pollutant particles in the atmosphere caused by heavy industry.

"Air pollution has reduced as the atmosphere has got cleaner [, eliminating dimming]. However, in developing countries that are building an industry based on the burning of fossil fuels, sunlight dimming is significant," says Charles Long from the US Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.


Blogger *Oidua said...

Recently saw part of a program on british tv that associated chem-trails with the phenomena of global dimming.
Here we go; what bullshit lines are we going to be fed with this little roose.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Global Dimming, Global Warming, the new ice age, the "little ice age." Global climate change caused only by man

All Bullshitsky my friends.(other than the little ice age!)

It is the hight of Ego-ism for scientists who cannot predict one year out to predict 100 years from now.

The plante warms, the planet cools, and it has done so before we industrialized...get the picture?

the Virginian

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Anonymous Tim said...

Hey Boggers: I'm a blogger on the FIGU forum
and someone sent me this because I read
the article on Global warming. I love you Fintan but the truth is truth.

Here is, somewhat more Scientifical explanations, on the facts of Global
Warming and so details. And Billy making the information known
and it's Consequences.

Eduard Meier made copies of that message and sent one to Michael McElroy
at the address provided by those ET' visitors. He never heard from
McElroy, but his letter never came back either. He also sent copies to the
Secretary General of the United Nations, and to various Departments of his
own government and to various local newspapers. None of them ever
responded to any attempts at follow-up.

In response to subsequent questions by Meier, the ET's added the following
information: The industrial gasses most concerned are heavy and rise
slowly, some taking years to reach the ozone layer. They pick up one or
more ions from the ozone belt and, changing chemistry as well as weight.
slowly fall back to the surface, carrying the ions with them. This had
gone on since the beginning of our industrial age, but has been increasing
on a sine scale with our rapid rate of industrialization, and the further
contamination by vehicles of all kinds and most disastrously jet aircraft.

This was announced to Meier in early 1975, and back then they said that
they measured over 6% loss present, not counting the dangerous gasses
already rising, some of which would take years to get there. They
estimated that if we were able to stop ALL contamination at that time, the
rising gasses could deplete the ionosphere by another 10% or more, enough
to produce mutations in all living things!

We did not stop. We did not even pay any attention to the warning.
Consider now the following information extracted from Science News, Vol.
129, No. 9, 1986:

"Ozone, the atmospheric chemical that shields earth life from harmful
ultraviolet radiation, has had a volatile political and scientific
history. Battles have been waged over the extent to which
chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) and other chemicals injected into the
atmosphere, primarily by human endeavors, attack the cosmic layer (SN:
9/14/B5, p165). Predictions of the resultant ozone depletion occurring
globally in the next century have ranged from 3 to 18 percent as
scientists work to unravel the mind-boggling complexity of atmospheric
chemistry (SN:4/12/82, p244)."

"But as researchers have pored over the data in search of very subtle
annual changes in global ozone chemistry, they have failed to notice that
the South Pole's ozone concentration during October has dropped much more
drastically -- by 40 percent since the mid-1970s."

"Scientists now know that an "ozone hole" looms over the entire continent
of Antarctica every October and has been getting more severe every year."

"This effect was "totally unexpected", says atmospheric scientist Richard
Stolarski of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center inGreenbelt, Maryland.
The big question now, he stresses, is whether the effect is a forewarning
of a significant change in global ozone, or simply an isolated scientific

"The chemistry of the ozone layer worldwide is also plagued by
uncertainties. But as the recent NASA report concludes, researchers now
have compelling observational evidence that trace gasses other than CGCs -
such as methane, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide - are increasing on a
global scale (SN: 5/18/85, p308). And scientists now realize that the
trace gasses affecting ozone chemistry are the same as those that
contribute to or alter the greenhouse warming of the planet; the two
problems are intimately coupled."

"The report, to which 150 scientists from 11 nations contributed,
concludes: 'Given what we know about the ozone and trace-gas-climate
problems, we should recognize that we are conducting one giant experiment
on a global scale by increasing the concentrations of trace gasses in the
atmosphere without knowing the environmental consequences."

That report was accompanied by a sequence of six color maps made by the
Total Ozone Mapping Spectraneter (TOMS) on the polar-orbiting Nimbus-7
Satellite launched by NASA in 1978 (three years after the Pleiadian
warning). They clearly show a six-fold increase in the size of the ozone
hole at the South Pole from 1979 through 1984. If this is not cause for
alarm, nothing is...

But that is not all the harm being done. If we need confirmation, we need
only turn to an article, "The Dark Side of the Sun", on page 6O of
NEWSWEEK for June 9, 1986, where they show that melanoma (skin cancer)
has increased tenfold since 1930 (early in the industrialization of this
planet). Since 1930, the lifetime incidence of this form of skin cancer
has gone from 1 in every 1,500 people to 1 in every 150, the tenfold
increase, and mostly in the last 10 years.

As the South Pole faces toward the sun, the North Pole lies in darkness.
Therefore, the negative, unassembled particles in the upper atmosphere
will tend to "settle in" near the North Pole, and will assemble with
positive ion there. When once again the North Pole faces toward the sun,
the resulting negative plasma will be forced to the surface of Earth. Our
calculations indicate that in the early months of 1987, a hole in the
ionosphere will be found to have appeared over the North Pole.

Some of the results of this disruption of the ionosphere will have
immediate effects. For instance, as great shells of this negative plasma
are pushed into existing shells of plasma, very adverse and abnormal
weather conditions will be experienced world wide. In areas where the
ionosphere is thicker, there will be an over filtering of solar energy,
causing a reduction of sunlight available on earth and a subsequent
increase in rainfall. In areas where the ionosphere has thinned, expect
severe heat waves and drought conditions. Also, iron deposits attract
these negative particles of mass and energy, and so areas with large
deposits of iron can expect drastic changes in their weather cycles. A
less immediate effect of this attraction to iron deposits will be that
life forms in these areas will experience genetic changes, and an alarming
increase in birth defects will be seen in these areas. Likewise, incidents
of cancer and other diseases related to a breakdown in immune system
activities will be noted.

As the destruction of the ionosphere continues, more drastic effects will
be observed. For example, as these undetected particles of mass and energy
are accepted at the poles (and elsewhere) they will undoubtedly result in
an increase in the energy exchange of our planet. This will cause an
increase in the rotation rate of the Earth. At first this increase will be
considered a negligible factor, but the increase will be progressive, and
will eventually result in the earth changing it's orbit. The elliptic will
increase, and the Earth will begin it's drift away from the sun.

The increase in energy exchange will also 'wheat" up the interior of our
planet, resulting in great internal pressure. This pressure will be
released in the form of great earthquakes and increasingly greater
volcanic actions. The end result of these actions will be great
continental shifts, and areas lying along existing fault lines will be at
great risk. This increase in energy exchange will also cause a warming of
the earth's surface, and the polar ice caps will begin to melt. Coastline
areas will begin to disappear.

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