Tuesday, April 12, 2005

'Too Liberal' 'toonist quits newspaper

"Something shocking happened last week in the small world of editorial cartooning. A cartoonist quit. John Sherffius of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch suddenly resigned, though he had no place better to go.

"About a year ago, coworkers say, Sherffius's bosses started getting after him to tone down his more liberal cartoons. On Monday, December 8, Sherffius had the idea of drawing elephants whooping it up. They wore party hats and lamp shades, lugged bags stuffed with swag, and waved champagne bottles and fistfuls of cash. The caption: 'The party of fiscal discipline.'

"Sherffius was told the cartoon was unbalanced." [more]

[More Sherffius Cartoons]


Blogger Whiskey said...

It's not good to show alot of animosity aginst a certain political party. I'm an independint and niether neither side is always right. i must say though, i think the conservativs act alot more respectable. every time a liberal makes an argument they usualy say "the republicans did it!" now i hae seen some bias conservatives but i've not once seen a liberal even agree with a republican on any point. but i have see a republican agree with liberals. im just asking every one to get along and have intelegent debates. not personal attacks.

9:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently pedophilia and satan worship are still considered "respectable" by some. Not to mention economic slavery, instigating wars or killing your own nation's population.

No one said Democrats were better either.

4:12 pm  

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