Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Iraq death car arrives in Italy

The car in which an Italian secret agent died shielding a hostage from US "friendly fire" in Iraq has arrived in Italy for investigators to inspect.

An Italian air force cargo plane delivered the Toyota Corolla to a base near Rome days after reports suggested America had cleared its soldiers.

Prosecutors are due to examine the car at the Practica di Mare air base, the Associated Press news agency reports.


Blogger Social Democracy Now said...

Is this the real car? Or one that the Americans have had 7 weeks to fabricate to try to fool the Italians?

4:54 am  
Anonymous nikto said...

That's a darn good question by Social Democracy Now.

But why such mistrust of the faith-laden Bush administration??

Well, because...

If lies were dollars, the Bush administration could pay off the entire U.S. deficit and have enough cash left over to do a mission to Mars.

I hope the Italinas get the best inspectors possible, including Segrena herself, to inspect the car.

If she says it's the same one, then I'll believe it.

But not before.

6:46 am  

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