Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Feign of Terror -- Power of Nightmares

"Last week the British media were promised a sensation. A terror trial was about to reach a climax. The jury was to give its verdicts on five Algerian men who were accused of being an Al Qaeda sleeper cell that had planned to poison hundreds of innocent civilians.

"Government ministers had privately told journalists that the convictions would prove there was a hidden network of terror inside Britain that, in their words, 'threatened the life of the nation.' The jury delivered a very different sensation. They acquitted four of the men and convicted the fifth only of 'conspiracy to cause a public nuisance.'

"This spectacular failure fuels the growing question that was raised last fall when a documentary series called The Power of Nightmares—which I wrote and produced—aired on BBC TV in prime time: Does Al Qaeda really exist?"


Anonymous Chainsaw said...

The Power of Nightmares bested Fahrenheit 911 on the crap scale.

5:58 pm  
Anonymous BushKnew said...

The Power of Nightmares doco is a must see. It blows apart all the BS that the US government and media is feeding its gulliable public !!

8:21 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have seen this documentary (found out about it from Fintan Dunne). I find it very interesting. I have watched it repeatedly. I want to believe what Adam Curtis is saying is correct. I want to believe that there isn't really anything to this Al Qaeda thing and its all a figment of Big Media's imagination. But I find it very, very difficult to do so. Back on Jan 25 of this year, I did a search for "Al Qaeda" on Google. I got 3,260,000 hits. I just did this again (April 24, 2005) and got about 6,560,000 hits! Is it possible that there are that many references to something that doesn't exist? Sure, mainstream media can go off on unsubstantiated rumors, but even the alternative media are talking about Al Qaeda as a real thing. Also, notice this quote from The Power of Nightmares, part 3:

David Cole: "And the best the government can point to as a sleeper cell uh are these uh you know young men in Lackawanna in New York, who uh yes went to uh Afghanistan, trained in an Al Qaeda training camp. Uhm, but from all appearances had uh no intention to ever take uh take any action on the basis of that. One of them faked an injury to try to get out early. They came back to the United States. We had them under intensive surveillance and we found no evidence, not one shred of evidence that they ever planned or intended to engave in any kind of criminal much less terrorist act. That's the best they can show for a sleeper cell."
Announcer: "Faced with the fact that there was no evidence, the government quietly dropped any charges of their being a terrorist cell. Instead, they were prosecuted simply for having gone to the training camp and for having bought uniforms there."

Now here you see that even in this documentary, you have David Cole (who is one of it's most outspoken critics of the U.S. government) being quoted as saying, well, they couldn't get these guys as being terrorists, but they did train "in an Al Qaeda training camp." Doesn't it seem a bit strange that a non-existant terrorist organization has a training camp? A group that has a training camp and uniforms seems like a pretty substantial organization to me. Or is Adam Curtis saying there was an Al Qaeda but it was destroyed after September 11?

5:47 pm  
Blogger Fintan, said...

First off, as Chainsaw said:

"The Power of Nightmares bested Fahrenheit 911 on the crap scale."

Yes, TPO-Nightmares is definiely "Al-Qaida Trute Lite". It doesn't explain that Al-Qaida is a direct asset of CIA/NSA/UKMI. Plus it slips in a total whitewash of Clinton and Mena, Arkansas. It a gatekeeper item for the gate at the edge of 'intelligent' conspiracy theory.

As to the issue of "training camps," sure there are/were camps -but as the whole 'organisation' is structured by our boys, this kind of activity is carefully channeled towards our objectives not those of some 'rogue' group.

10:25 pm  

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